Bully for you

October is National Bullying Awareness Month.  ...more

Baby pictures

If you live in my little corner of the universe, you may know that I became a step-grandmother last week. Yes, after many prayers over many months following a devastating loss a year and a half ago, my stepson and his wife became parents to a beautiful baby girl on April 5th. And the allelujah chorus rose to the heavens....more


In my 12 years as a mom I have had to teach my daughter many life lessons. Of course I taught her how to walk and how to talk. How to eat properly at the table. How to say "please" and "thank you." How to comb her beautiful curls without flattening them out. And, since she hates them now, how to straighten her hair with a flat iron. I've tried to teach her how to make a bed and fold her clothes. We're still working on those. But last night, I taught her perhaps one of the most important lessons of her life. How not to get herself raped by her friends. Sad isn't it? ...more

The First Fall

I was ever-so-thankful for the extra quiet time on this cold, rainy and raw morning. I would have loved nothing more than to have gone back to my nice, warm bed for an hour or so, too. But my mother-in-law Jane had back-to-back visits scheduled with her physical therapist and her occupational therapist. These two ladies have been coming to my house once a week for the past three months, teaching Jane ways to be more independent and less dependent on us....more

Wake up calls

 So it's now been a little more than a week since my mother-in-law, heretofore known as Hurricane Jane, moved in with us after being essentially kicked out of her assisted living apartment north of the lake for needing too much assistance. Really? Has it only been a week? Gosh, I thought it was at least a month. Or more. I guess it just feels that way because of the time change and all. We gained back a whole hour of our lives, right? (Or did we lose one? I forget.) ...more

Hurricane Jane

The first time she came to live with me she was heartbroken. She showed up at my doorstep on a Saturday afternoon after a long week and a long ride, with everything she owned in this world stuffed in a plastic grocery bag. Just days earlier, Hurricane Katrina had made its way pretty much right up her street in Waveland, Mississippi. When it left, it washed out to sea the entire town, including my in-laws' house and virtually everything they owned. ...more