365 Project: Week 20

what to say…here are this week’s pics 134/365 ...more

Diy Dye

I love being pampered. Massages, pedicures, getting my hair done- I love all of it. But over the past few years, I’ve found myself unhappy with the outcome, and enjoying the process less ....more

365 Project- Week 19

I keep seeing all these great ideas for diy simple photo backdrops, and I totally want to try them, but grabbing my camera and just snapping away is so much faster than setting up a whole scenario. Poor, neglected older children are never around when I decide to grab and shoot. Hopefully they’ll be featured more often once school is out....more

The Birds And The Bees

I am not a morning person. I am not on top of things mentally first thing in the morning, as I learned yesterday when Jack wanted to play 20 questions and I could even remember what I had asked. So you can imagine how well I do with 4 kids chattering at me and simultaneously placing different lunch and breakfast orders ....more

365 Project- Week 18

I happy with the shots I got this week- I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for 126 days! 120/365 ...more

Training Day

For over a year Beatrice has been in pull up diapers. We’ve sat on the potty, with zero success, countless times. Commitment has been minimal, interest almost non existent, and progress has been zero ....more

365 Project- Week 17

More pictures. I’m still loving this project, but not writing the intros every week....more

Reading List: March/April

Because I’m clever I decided to up my game last time by providing a little synopsis with each title. Because I am obsessive, I must continue that plan for all entries this calendar year. Because I am stupid, I didn’t do this on a ‘just completed’ basis, so now I have to see if I can dredge up some memory of these books....more

Mea Culpa

Today I made a mistake. I took a piece of unverified information, and I let it upset me. I didn’t entirely fly off the handle, but I did make my concerns public through Facebook....more

April Outfits

I was a lazy slob this month, bumming around in sweats instead of putting nice outfits together. I also forgot to photograph at least 2 good outfits I did wear. Lame ....more