March outfits

Got a little worried when the weather suddenly hit almost 90* halfway through March- I may not have included enough warm weather variety in this capsule to get me all the way through May!...more

365 Project- Week 12

Can’t believe I’m still going, and still having fun; although I do feel like my progress has slowed....more

Into The Woods

Saturday night Sophie woke me up around 1am, for no discernible reason, and I spent the next two hours with mind racing before I finally fell back asleep....more

365 Project- Week 11

The improvement in the weather has definitely helped in terms of lighting. Not that I spend much time outside. But the kids do, so I just have to run out and snap a few quicks shots and then I can go back to my cave....more

Magic Cure For Muscle Spasms

My grandfather always swore by a spoonful of regular yellow mustard to stop a muscle cramp. Fortunately, I’m long past my gymnast days when I used to wake up with excruciating cramps in my calves- I guess there is a bright side to being a human sloth. As a result, I hadn’t had an opportunity to test out this miracle cure until last week, by I can now say with personal experience that IT WORKS!! ...more

365 Project- Week 10

Still going! 064/365 065/365 066/365 067/365 068/365 069/365 070/365  ...more

Mani Monday vol. 6

It’s been a while, but I had to get back into it with green for St. Patrick’s day! color: ...more

Parks and Recreation 

It’s spring break! It’s 70 degrees! I’m still not an outdoor person, but I would be the worst mother in the world if I didn’t take my kids to the park at least a little bit this week ....more

365 Project- Week 9

Week nine, on the books....more

Reading List- Jan/Feb

Although I’m not madly reading in search of a quantity goal like last year, I still keep track of everything I read (actually have for years), and I figure what better way to knock out a blog post than by listing the books I’ve read? On a bimonthly rate this year, which was totally planned and not just because I forgot after January....more