July Outfits

still setting the world on fire with my selection of tshirts and cut off shorts ...more

365 Project- Week 29

I can’t believe I’m still going without missing a day! I also can’t believe this is the last week of photos in steamboat. Sad face 197/365 ...more

The Last Day

It is our last day in Steamboat. We won’t get to see everyone we want to see one last time, we won’t get to do everything we want to do one last time. I’m going to try and enjoy it best I can, but most likely I’m going to spend the day trying to find and pack every single thing we brought with us, and being hugely bummed out....more

365 Project- Week 28

190/365 ...more

365 Project- Week 27

183/365 ...more

Onslaught Of The Tearling

You may remember last year I read a book called The Queen of the Tearling (what do you mean you don’t memorize everything I read? Surely you jest). To say I didn’t like it would be an understatement (here’s my review), in fact it was easily the worst book I read in 2014, if not one of the top ten worst of all time ....more

365 Project- Week 26

Making an effort to bring my camera along on more outings. Regardless of water danger 176/365 ...more

Happy Independence Day!

We started the morning with a walk to the bus...more

A Handy Flow Chart For Winning At Life

That’s pretty much it ....more

Reading list: May/ June

Managed a decent number of books the past 2 months- all before we left for vacation. Since getting to steamboat I have only managed 3 books- something about not leaving children unattended in the pool lest they drown. Here’s what I read:...more