366 Project- Week 5

31/366 ...more

366 Project- Week 4

A lot of this weeks pictures are nothing to get too excited about, but 25 and 26 are solid gold....more

2016 Outfit Roundup: January

You may be dying to ask ‘what have you been wearing lately?’ Well, the answer sadly, is not much. Should you require proof, I humbly present: ...more

365 Project- Week 3

17/366 ...more

Ooka Island Helps Kids Read

Ooka Island is an app aimed at helping beginning readers. Since Sophie has had so much trouble really getting consistent with her reading and sight words, I was thrilled to be offered a chance to try it out....more

366 Project- Week 2

10/366 ...more

Wraps Headphones

I don’t know if anyone else has an issue finding headphones they like, but it seems to be a never ending search over here. The over the head ones end up hurting my ears after awhile (or cost WAY too … Continue reading → The post Wraps Headphones appeared first on Lone Kate ....more

366 Project- Week 1

Yep. I’m going to do it again. I accidentally typed 366 instead of 365 SO MANY times last year, it seemed only fitting I give it another go for leap year ....more

365 Project- Week 52

And here we are. Finished. Doing this daily photo has been such a major part of my routine every day for the past year, it is a strange feeling to be at the end....more

DermaE Eye Care

I have been blessed with pretty good genes as far as skin goes. I have a few expression related wrinkles, but other than that my skin still looks pretty good. ...more