Allison Quets and Her Battle For Her Children

Allison Quets is someone who has always played by the rules. A good student in high school, she managed to squeeze four years into three and graduate a year early. She went on to college, obtaining her bachelor’s degree at Stony Brook College and graduating with highest honors. She then completed a Master’s degree in Social Work. Allison worked as an academic advisor at Farmingdale State College, and it was there that she met and married K. Russell Kennedy. She then received her most recent degree, a Master’s in computer science. ...more

The Republicans Think Women are Stupid

Like many out in the blog world, I was shocked by McCain’s choice of the relatively unknown Sarah Palin as his running mate. It felt a lot like the Republicans were throwing us a bone, thinking that we would be so caught up in the idea of a woman in the white house that it wouldn’t occur to us that she wasn’t the right woman. ...more

Tube Socks and Grasshoppers

Katie’s recent encounter with the cricket reminded me that now is the time of year that the crickets begin sneaking into the house on a regular basis. Every time I pick up a towel to throw in the laundry, I must do so with caution. If there is one thing I dislike even more than bugs that would be being startled by bugs. I am officially on high alert. ...more

Too Much Drama

I am going to apologize in advance for the length of this post. There is really no way to describe how horrible it is to think that you might die after just having a new baby. I am hoping that maybe someone in the same situation will do a Google search for some of the symptoms listed here and get to the hospital right away. Last Thursday morning, my daughter Katie was distressed to find that I was not in the house. Later she said, “I thought somebody stoled you. Because I missed you.” ...more

Little Girls

Katie was watching TV this morning and I saw that there was a commercial for a doll. Katie used to play with dolls all the time and that was the only kind of toy that she ever wanted. Then she had a new baby sister that she thinks is WAY better than any doll. So now her dolls reside in the toy box, all but forgotten. Me- “Do you think that you might like to have that doll for your birthday?” Katie- “No.” Me- “Well, what do you think that you would like to get then?’ ...more

I've been thinking about this since you posted it. I certainly don't doubt your own observations ...more

Road Rage

I have written before about the endless questions from small children and since it continues to amuse me, I’ll be covering that subject yet again. ...more


I share your driving characteristics (see "thankful this car has no microphone ...more

Babies Scare Me (sometimes)

Last night I noticed that the baby started to have some cold symptoms. Not surprising since her big sisters have colds and cannot stop kissing the baby. Katie has said in the past, "She is just so cute I can't stop kissing her." I usually say something to the effect of, "For God's Sake, get off that baby!" I knew it was just a matter of time until the baby was coughing and sneezing too. ...more

As is toddlerhood, schoolagehood, teenagehood and adulthood. Kids scare me every single day. ...more