Sometimes out of tragedy we find our inner strength. We choose a path of strength and look forward. I don’t know of many who could do what this man has done. I, for one, am rooting for him to succeed.  Although Mr. Singh ran in his younger days he had taken a break for about 50 years. Yup. A long break in there. How old is he now? Mr. Fauja Singh is 100 years old. That in itself is a motivation to others. A century old, people.  He lost his wife and son and needed to find a new focus in his life. He turned back to running and at 88 he ran his first 20 kilometer race (32.18 miles) SERIOUSLY!!!...more


There is a lot of talk lately about social media. As bloggers we are usually front and center with all kinds of it. We blog, we tweet, we are on Facebook, we are in Google+, Pinterest and who knows what else. Sometimes we have accounts for our private lives and for our more public blogging personas. We often have more than one blog. I often hear criticisms of the time spent on these sites. I do know how much time can be spent on them but I think a lot of it is worth it. No I am not just making excuses for the time I spend on there…really I’m not. I have found something that is worth every minute I have spent on there. ...more