The First Elected Female President?

In the United States, we are still awaiting the day when we can celebrate the election of a woman to the presidency, but for the country of Liberia, the wait is over. Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, a 67 year-old, Harvard educated economist, is the first female to be elected president in the history of Liberia.  For her, and much of the rest of Liberia's female population, the change to female leadership was long overdue. ...more

Mid-Life Women Contracting HIV: The Hidden Epidemic

You try to look at the bright side at mid-life, to find the silver lining.  Okay, you say, so I occasionally sweat profusely for no apparent reason, I'm moodier than ever and I can't seem to remember s _ _ _ , but at least I don't have to worry about those damned condoms anymore!   Get out the Kama Sutra and squeeze into some lingerie, it's party time!  Heck,  menopause hasn't given you much to smile about besides worry free sex, so make the most of it, right?  Sexual freedom at last!  No chance of getting pregnant, no worries?  ...more

Syndrome W: What Your Weight and Your Waist May Be Trying to Tell you

Mid-life comes with so many wonderful surprises:  irregular periods, hot-flashes,  mood swings and, oh yes let's not forget, that gradually increasing waistline. We write it off as just another side-effect of changing hormone levels and, as we struggle to zip up our jeans, we shake our heads and sigh.  It's just what we women have to put up with . .  . or is it? ...more

Pointing the Finger of Blame

Right now, the majority of Americans are worried.  Will I still have a job next month?  Will I be able to afford health care next year?  How will I ever be able to send my kids to college?  What chances do I have of ever retiring?  Can I make my mortgage payment? ...more

Stop Worrying and Start Living

So much of our time is spent regretting the past or planning for the future that we often fail to live in the present.  We know better.  We read the wisdom of spiritual masters.  We listen to pop psychology and motivational speakers.  Or do we?  Do we really listen to the message or do we simply hear it and forget it? ...more

Changing Yourself, Changing the World

So many of us look at the world and wonder what's gone wrong.  How did everything get so messed up?  Why is there so much hate in the world?  What are people thinking?  Why can't anything be easy?  Why can't we all just get along? The most optimistic of us continue to hold out hope that things will get better.  Wars will cease, racism and other forms of oppression will fade, diseases will be cured and people will all get along.  But how all this will  come to pass remains a mystery.  Will it happen because we simply wish it to be as if by magic? ...more

Michael Phelps: Crime and Punishment

When we put people way up high on a pedestal, the only thing we can know for certain is that they will eventually fall.  Here in America, we tend to have expectations for our public figures that we ourselves cannot even begin to live up to, essentially setting them up for certain failure.  We tend to forget that no one is perfect, not even a record setting, Olympic gold-medalist.  But oh, how we want them to be. Michael Phelps, darling of the swimming pool, winner of eight gold medals, hero and role-model for children everywhere was photographed smoking pot at a ...more

Hazing - Are Our Kids Going Too Far?

Hazing is a well-known and long-standing part of the fabric of our society. If we haven't been through it ourselves, we likely know someone who has. But the practice of hazing as a way to indoctrinate a new member of a club, team or other group is on the rise and the ages of the participants are dropping. Is this just a normal part of growing up or should we be concerned? ...more

Taking Action to Reduce Stress

We're all familiar with stress. We know the symptoms; headaches, stomach upset, sleepless nights, irritability. And we know the causes; marital problems, job issues, parenting challenges oh, and I almost forgot a crashing stock market, a failing economy and a rapidly disappearing faith in a financially secure future. ...more

The Art of Diplomacy - What's in It for You?

We hear so much about the need for diplomacy these days in everything from international relations to bi-partisan relations, but the art of diplomacy isn't just for national leaders and members of Congress. Diplomacy, the employment of tact to find mutually acceptable solutions to a common challenge, can be employed by everyday people in everyday situations to the benefit of all. ...more