Kiki Flynn's Online Dating Savvy

Kiki Flynn is my all time favorite Natural Health enthusiast.While collecting stories for my upcoming books about online Dating, (tell me yours!) I asked this sage beauty to share her experience with online dating so far.  Here's her story:...more

10 Ways to look scammy when you're really legit...

 How to look scammy when you're really legit......more

Raw Trumps "Corporate" Online

 Hi there!I just got done consulting with an online business owner who is really going places. :D...more

Her Perfect Media Storm: Exclusive Interview with Jennifer Rowan

 I think it's safe to say that you never, ever want to experience the personal assault ofhaving your name dragged through the mud,being called "Hitler" in the national media, andreceiving death threats by every possible method...All over a simple misunderstanding that was only fact-checked by one out of a landslide of prominent journalists and bloggers.Today's interview explores...more

Instagram sells photos of your kids. Now what?

 "Mom... Just. No. That's humiliating. Don't post anything about me. It's embarrassing."Said my teen when I first got on Facebook in 2005, as a full-time college student. He was more right than any of us could have predicted....more

Last call for recipes/stories/jokes for #Sandy relief cookbook

 Hi BlogHer Babes!!Please excuse the dust.I'm in the final stages of publishing a Superstorm Sandy relief fundraising cookbook and would be honored to feature your recipes/stories/jokes there. All the the proceeds to go the American Red Cross and I'll give you full attribution, as well as a link to your blog or your profile here, whichever you desire....more

Mr. Teefertiller’s All Night Worm Buffet – What’s Your Business Model?

 No matter how nice or hard working you are, the kind of business you run matters....more