Advice to Myself Upon Becoming a Mom

What I do when my Husband Irritates Me

How to Fight Fair: The Only Three Rules You Need

Do you play by the rules when you fight in your relationship? Do you have rules? Here are three my husband and I fight by. Maybe they’ll work for you, too....more

Date Night: Necessary or Nonsense

Ah, the date night. Parenting and relationship books proclaim date night the holy grail of relationship health. But when money is tight, date night is a luxury not everyone enjoys. What does that mean for those of us who’ve had to pinch pennies for too many years.Are our relationships less-than for not having shared expensive dinners we can’t afford anyway?Even though times aren’t as tight anymore, and we’ve enjoyed our fair share of nights out and about, I still don’t long for date nights....more

5 Ways to Make the One You Love Smile Today

Sometimes we get so busy and tired and distracted that we don't do the little things we should to make the one we love smile. It’s easy to let life wear us down. Well, today's the day, people. Let's do a bunch of little somethings for each other before the sun goes down … or comes up.Need a few ideas?Profess your love on the bathroom mirror with a dry erase marker. No markers? No worries. Use lipstick or eyeliner. Instant smile for your love....more

How I Knew He was the One: 10 Signs That Led Me Down the Aisle

 How did you know he/she was the one?I love asking this question to couples I meet. Every love story has its own unique charm and mystery. When I first met my husband, he was different from the start, and I knew I'd finally found someone worth paying attention to, someone who stood out like a splash of color in my gray world. Here are ten signs I knew I’d found my match:...more