Orange is the New Black: We Have Our Own List of Demands for Season Three

Okay, we've finally finished watching season two of Orange Is the New Black, and just like season one, it was awesome. There are going to be a bunch of spoilers in this post (SPOILERS! SERIOUSLY! ...more

Oh, California. It's good to be back. #hippies

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I guess this is what I'm doing this afternoon....

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McDonalds Gave Ronald McDonald a Makeover and Put Him on Twitter.

BY LORI CULWELLThis is one of those examples where a news story goes by, and then Stephan and I spend the whole day texting each other punchlines because we can't decide what exactly is the funniest about this scenario. Here are some of the highlights so far: "What....did McDonald's do a focus group and decide 'f$%k the food, let's put new pants on the clown?" "Oh, you know what will make people eat more greasy chicken slurry? ...more

What is Pine Tar, and Why Do We Care?

BY LORI CULWELL OK, a news headline just went by, and I honestly had no idea what it was or why I would care, so I looked it up so you wouldn't have to. Here's the headline: ...more