Our Stories: Fearless Forgiveness

According to the Department of Justice, about a third of all girls and a seventh of all boys are molested before they reach the age of 18.  A third of that group is under 12.  Consider that it's thought that only 35% of abuse is ever even reported - well, that makes for some grim statistics. I don’t know too many women who got through their young lives without being victim to molestation at the hands of family, acquaintance, or a stranger. I’m one of them, having been assaulted by an teenage acquaintance when I was 6. ...more

I Was So Hot In Bed

Vaguely, I recall the book I was reading slipping out of my hands onto the floor as I drifted off to sleep in a stolen Saturday afternoon nap. I promised myself I'd only sleep an hour. A mere twenty minutes later, annoyed, I awoke, feeling as though I was suddenly in the midst of a blazing inferno. I ripped off the comforter, leaped out of bed and picked up the power fan, holding it in front of my chest. Immediately, I started to cool down. I scowled as I looked over at the comforter. It was no longer my friend now the temperatures in Sacramento had crept up to near 90. ...more

Gayly Forward

Em got an invitation to a sleepover Sunday. They don’t have school in honor of Veteran’s Day, but I have to work (ironic the only veteran I know around here is me and I’m working). Like most kid designed/written invitations, key facts are left out. Like what is “Suzy’s” last name? What time on Sunday would they like the children there? What are their plans for the following day? Thankfully, unlike some invitations she’s received there is a phone number attached to an adult listed. I call. ...more

Product Review: Hitachi Magic Wand

Etsuhiko Shoyama Hitachi, Ltd. 4-6, Kanda-Surugadai, Chiyoda-ku Tokyo, 101-8010, Japan Dear Mr. Shoyama: ...more

I have heard many, many women sing with joy over the Magic Wand.



As a single mom of teens, I had been surfing for some kind of software to protect my kids from predators (pre-Foley). A former co-worker recommended a new software called IMSafer. I downloaded and tested it. It allows me to help keep the kids safe while letting them maintain their privacy. You can read about my experience at: http://www.hahnathome.com/2006.10.01_arch.html#1160443110225 ...more

Middle-Aged, Gay, Single Mom of Adopted Multiracial Teens Looking for Blog Buddies

There are lots of points where we may share some commonality. Please drop me a line at lori@hahnathome.com or visit my site at www.hahnathome.com ...more

:) Just got a single toddler so far... but, he's nearly four, it will be time to add soon. We ...more