6 Exercise Tips for Pregnant Women

My son is 11 months old and before I was pregnant I thought it would be really easy to keep exercising right up until the day he was born. As a personal trainer, I knew I would have to scale back as the pregnancy progressed, but expected to keep training up to the end. When I had the first meeting with the midwife they suggested to keep training as usual as 'pregnancy is not an illness'.  I didn't listen to this advice, as I was lifting very heavy weights. You have to listen to your body....more
I found wearing supportive clothing really helped I loved shorts or leggings with supportive ...more

Coping with Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction in Pregnancy

When I became pregnant, as a personal trainer, I imagined I would keep exercising all the way through my pregnancy so I could maintain my fitness level. The reality was very different, I developed a very unstable pelvis, a condition called symphysis pubis dysfunction (SPD), half way through my pregnancy which caused lots of pain, even walking was painful. Exercising was virtually impossible as all my joints were ridiculously loose and unstable. This might have been as a result of pregnancy hormones 3.5 times higher than normal....more

8 Types of New Gym

Gone are the days when you wanted to get fit and all that was on offer was the boring bog standard gym. Today we have a wide range of different gyms to suit everyone’s needs. Ten years ago we just had the traditional gym, and of course, these gyms are great for certain groups of people. However, over the last ten years there has been an explosion of gyms which can offer people something different. This has encouraged people who wouldn’t traditionally exercise in the gym to start exercising, which has been really amazing to witness....more

Reasons why you can’t Squat Properly

The Squat is a Big Bang Exercise Adding squats to your exercise routine is a great idea as it works many major muscle groups including quadriceps, hamstrings, low and mid back, glutes, and abdominal muscles. Developing strength from squatting should improve your overall athletic performance. For this reason, the squat is often referred to as a ‘big bang exercise’. No other exercise matches its effectiveness, apart from maybe the deadlift. It would be easier to name the muscles that aren't used for this exercise than to name the muscles that are used....more