You can't deny DNA--it shapes who we are today

Lorraine "It's easier to embrace a thief than a phantom." That's sentence that stopped me cold today as I read yesterday's New York Times review of a new book, The Invisible History of the Human Race: How DNA and History Shape our Identities and Our Futures.Biology and culture, nature versus nurture. We know both are important, we really do, but with the adoption-is-the-cure-for-so-damn-much culture that we are in today, that sentence: It's easier to embrace a thief than a phantom...more

Cheerioes video promotes gay equality but smacks of racism

Jane There's a dark side to the Cheerios ad featuring a white gay Canadian couple with a darling little black girl, likely an American child, beyond the loss inherent in adoption. The ad smacks of colonialism, promoting the superiority of white homes as it promotes gay adoption.The nearly three-minute video is of course intended to make us feel positive about Cheerios, manufactured by General Mills....more

Cheerios Commercial: Gay dads adopt and sell cereal

Lorraine Cringe making: A new feel-good Cherrios on-line commercial for the Canadian audience as two white gay dads talk about how they met, fell in love and decided to be a family by adopting a little black girl, who incidentally adorably touches and moves back and forth between the two of them during the three-minute video. No doubt that Raphaelle she is being treated well, and that these two dads love her....more

Jennifer Aniston to adopt! At last! It's a Girl!

Jennifer Aniston--Adoptive Mom to Be?...more

Finding Your Roots: Bastards show up in all family trees

Henry Louis Gates How many of us have ancestors who were born outside of marriage? Plenty it would seem. Last week's episode of Henry Louis Gates, Jr's Finding Your Roots on PBS, found that the three athletic greats the program featured all had ancestors born under less than auspicious circumstances ....more

'Open' adoption letters released in Texas...with redacations

Protesting at a Gladney event--in Texas...more

First mother reappears after 12 years--after a 'happy' reunion

Jane When a first mother wants to resume contact--after cutting off the relationship 12 years earlier following reunion, how can an adoptee protect herself from rejection again? One of our readers, Nicole, wrote us saying she found her mother in 2002. But after several visits, including meeting her extended family, Nicole's mother asked "that we not continue having contact." Nicole's email went on:"She wrote to me this July hoping to start a 'conversation' and we've exchanged a couple of letters ....more

Marriage after relinquishing a child--a good man helps

Celebrating our 25th anniversary...more

Open adoption--does it really solve all the problems?

Lorraine When I gave my daughter up in 1966 all I really wanted—or thought I could ask for—was to be able to know her one day. That bare concession to the mother and child bond would not have made leaving her behind any easier, but it would have calmed my mind about the future. As I write today, open adoption is touted as the panacea for the pain of a closed adoption., or at least mute the anguish of mothers like me ....more