Inside the Alain Ducasse Paris Chocolate Factory: La Manufacture

Alain Ducasse is often called the Godfather of French cuisine and for good reason. The multi Michelin-starred chef has opened restaurants across the globe, run a well-liked cooking school in Paris,...more

Eating, Drinking & Seeing: 5 Favorites in November

November always feels like a test of patience. Thanksgiving steals the spotlight every year and the days leading up to this big feast feel like filler, distraction from the turkey countdown. This time, however, the days were swift and sweet ....more

Autumn in Paris

Before we can hold forth about nothing other than bitter temperatures and somber skies, let's celebrate the balmy autumn we've had in Paris this season with a few photos:...more

Franco File Friday: David Santori of Frenchie and the Yankee

This is my last Franco File Friday installment of the year and it's a chat with someone I appreciate tremendously, as much for our aligning passions - food, travel and photography - as for our curiously similar paths....more

Eating, Drinking & Seeing in Paris: 5 favorites in October

I may already be gearing up for another expat Thanksgiving and mapping out my itinerary for a trip stateside in December but October is still on my mind. Though there were moments of frenetic activity, the opportunities for work and play made it a truly unforgettable month. Here are five highlights: Meeting Frank Gehry at the Fondation Louis Vuitton...more

5 Reasons to Love Bordeaux

There are countless reasons to love Bordeaux - its languid pace, balmy climate, 290,000 some acres of vineyards and its storied architecture. But what's most interesting about the wine capital today is less the ways in which the past is being preserved and rather how the city is defining its future, driven to earn the spotlight as a cultural fixture among leading European capitals....more

Crèpes au Froment recipe by Ann Mah

One of my favorite books of the last year, 'Mastering the Art of French Eating' by Ann Mah, is now available in a paperback edition!...more

Chez Nous with Galaxie Andrews

It's been two years since I've returned to America. Two years since the officers at Philadelphia International Airport last questioned my residence in France these last eight years, two years since they last stamped my passport and sent me on my way with a steely half smile and a dry 'welcome home'.Two years is just enough time to feel stripped of nostalgia, of want for what once was. The longer I'm away, the more my life in the States feels obscure; those memories relegated to a part of my mind that feels like it belongs to someone else entirely.For Franco-American photographer Galaxie Andrews, the reverse scenario has shaped her story ....more

Eating, Drinking & Seeing in Paris: 5 Favorites in August / September

The habitually languid month of August ran its course as it usually does. Parisians returned from vacation in one, thronging swoop, rush hour metro squabbles commenced where they left off and the specter of fall (and the temperatures that go with it) loomed large before it was officially back to school. Then, September rolled in hard and strong, effacing the hard-earned zen of summer but thoughtfully bringing with it balmy, blissfully sunny weather ....more