Social Media isn't the "New Toy" anymore

After reading the posts from several prominent bloggers about the slowdown in the blogosphere and in social media, I wrote this post in response.Social Media isn't the new toy anymore. Find me at Craving a little perspective, where I blog about learning, being a parent-as-first-teacher, and life....more

The Muppets Movie - a review

 WARNING:  Contains spoilers!! ...more, hear my suggestion!!

NORAD Santa, is an organisation that has spent the last 50 years tracking Santa’s flight from the North Pole.  They are volunteers. They answer emails and phone calls, and in the past they announced Santa’s position at regular intervals on radio and TV on Christmas Eve.Since I’ve moved to New Zealand, I’ve noticed a grave omission and error on NORAD’s part.  And I’d really love it if they would hear my suggestion and take it to heart. I love what they do, and I think they can make it even better....more
You make good points but... NORAD is a North American institution. It kinda makes sense that ...more

A path 30kms wide and yet, he hit the reef.

Last Wednesday morning (2:30am, 5th October, 2011, NZT) the cargo ship Rena hit the Astrolabe reef on the Tauranga coast. It was the Rena skipper’s birthday the day before....more

Clearly I missed something in primary school math

Last night I went to an Early Childhood Education workshop on numeracy. Pre-math. Now, I’ve mentioned before on my blog that my math isn’t so great. I’ve always blamed it on my synesthesia and the colours of the numbers getting mixed up.  Last night, I discovered that just might not be the case. Clearly I missed an important understanding of math. The facilitator had to get us to do a few math problems so that she could make her point about learning and numeracy and where the preschool children have to get to....more