Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all a joyful holiday season, full of love, laughter, plenty of chocolat (or vin) chaud...more

5 Things

1) Pont-l'Evêque férmier2) Looking up in le passage Vendôme in Paris3) "Very juicy" lemons4) A surprising sight at the Bayeux market5) I'll take one of each, please ...more

A Métro Station Time Capsule

The Marcadet-Poissonniers Métro station on line 12 is currently undergoing some serious renovation. Walls have been taken down, revealing the original tiles, cool vintage ads, old métro maps and peeling signs.It's like walking through a time capsule.I took some photos a couple of weeks ago and returned on Tuesday to take some more, but in that short amount of time the most vivid, intact signs and ads, like these old Savora...more

P'tit Vache Affiné Au Pommeau

Every time I discover a new cheese my heart skips a beat.After tasting over 221 French cheeses, my Fête du Fromage project reached a bit of a dead end. I rarely came across a cheese that I hadn't already tasted and in general my passion for writing about cheese waned.So, I kind of gave up.Then this morning I spotted a locally produced fromage de vache...more

5 Things

1) So you don't confuse French endives with Belgian endives...2) Tartelette au Safran...more

5 (Languedoc-Roussillon) Things

1) Heading out of the village 2) Canal boats3) View toward the Pyrénées4) Leda and the swan fountain5) Terrace view ...more

5 Things

1) Lunch in le jardin2) noire et blanche3) Saying au revoir to chèvre until next spring 4) Painted by mother nature5) Coffee drinking and people watching ...more

Will BBQ And Brownies Kill Off French Cuisine?

Some of the negative comments on social media about the recent opening of a Texas BBQ joint in Paris by a Frenchman got me thinking...As an expat in France who loves to cook and eat, appreciates everything food related and has been watching the culinary scene in France evolve over the last decade, I've noticed that in recent years there seem to be a lot of expats getting their knickers in a twist over foreigners (e.g. Anglophones...more

5 (Delicious) Things

1) le...more

5 Things

1) Smoked garlic2) I always miss the beauty of the Minervois this time of year 3) Gym? Who needs a gym? 4) Sweet autumn treats 5) The joys of being une flâneuse ...more