Normandy History And Restoration

On Friday I went to the cathedral in Coutances with a friend who is not only an architect, he is currently in charge of all the...more

5 Things

1) Sweet summer at the Bayeux market2) Busy summer in Montmartre3) Rue Crémieux4) Incongruous5) Wood, water and old stones ...more

The Point Of No Return

A fellow expat friend and I were talking over drinks and nibbles the other night and out of the blue she asked me if I ever thought about moving back to the States.I sat there for a minute, like a deer caught in the headlights, trying to come up with a response.Of course, I think about it.But would I ever really consider it?We've worked hard over the years to live here and there are many things...more

5 Things

1) Paris corner café2) Zen cat3) Signs4) Spotted while driving into town5) Extra chairs ...more

Photo du Jour - Wine Barrel

"Ici, Chiroubles au verre."Spotted at a café in Paris ....more

5 Things

1) Exploring a new quartier in Paris2) Sacré Coeur - it's swarming with tourists, but still worth a visit3) France is definitely in vacation mode4) Café terrace air conditioning - in liquid form 5) A flower lined balcony with a view ...more

5 Things

1) Blue skies over Normandy2) Blue skies over Paris3) Irresistible French cheese and wine4) Quintessential Normandy5) Free concert in la Place de la République ...more

At The Café

Every Wednesday afternoon you can find me here. Sitting against the back wall, watching the world drift in and out, picking out the locals from the tourists, listening to the banter between the waiters as they rush around taking orders and flirting with the attractive women and men, making up stories about the people sitting together.It's warm outside. Why is that poor kid wrapped up in a jacket and scarf?Everyone at that table has got to be Italian ....more

5 Things

1) Sun dappled Normandy.2) One afternoon - 20 cheeses - 5 kinds of wine. I departed in a semi coma, but very happy and satisfied.3) Happiness is a boulangerie - patisserie. 4) Bright pink peonies at the market ....more


Quite simply a lovely place ....more