Outside the Fence: I Don't Like the Other Moms at School

When Little Guy was five, we lucked out with admission to a full time Pre-K program at a school outside of our zone. It was a year of tardies (I say without pride that I was notorious for those) thanks to our mile long walk that was not alleviated by the public transit system. But despite the daily trek, our first venture in school was great. Little Guy loved being at school. I loved picking him up afterwards... and it wasn't just because we couldn't be marked tardy heading back home. It was because I always looked forward to the afternoon chats with the other moms....more
As my husband likes to say: "These are first world problems". My son is in kindergarten and ...more

Fields I Am Not Cut Out For Friday

Recently, I took on the role of supportive wife to an injured husband. It wasn't too difficult, I suppose. More a labor of love than hard labor like say, dredging a lake or cleaning the shower door track. To be clear, I've never actually dredged before and really the only holes I've ever dug were at the beach and, well, that's just down right fun. But, I digress. ...more

Deep Breathing and the Rage Inducing Policies of Kindergarten

Step back everyone, I'm about to vent. While I'd like to say it all happened yesterday, the truth is lately there have been a few events (and people who will remain unnamed) that have really pushed me outside of my happy, little box of passivity. And then yesterday happened. ...more

Turning the Big 2-No Flipping Way

After months away from the thread, my normally subdued inner beauty voice screamed out that I needed to get my eyebrows done. So I made the trek to Astoria, Jackson Heights (I'm still not fluent in MTA), where there are more threading salons than Starbucks, and when it's all said and done (yanked and smoothed?), you can treat yourself to a veggie samosa and mango lassi for two bucks. ...more

Rejection Collection, What's Your Objection?

I visualize a world in the future where our technological existence is collected in museums with anthropologists and archeologists debating over the purpose of sushi shaped USB drives. I see them stroking their beards as they watch YouTube deciding that, based on the number of videos we posted and watched, our society must have been ruled by cats. ...more
 @loveandotherdelights Exactly! I've read some of those books and have wondered, "What the hell ...more

Traveled Down the Road and Back Again

My husband and I met while I was working at Blockbuster. He was my favorite customer and despite distinctly opposite tastes, he had me convinced he enjoyed the movies I recommended. It was only years later that I found out he never even watched Me and You and Everyone We Know, and thought Hideous Kinky was pointless. But that's another so-the-truth-comes-out moment in our history that we'll get to later. All in all, he was the best that came of that job. The next best? My Golden Girls box set. ...more

Hummus Protest at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

Since moving to New York, I have made four visits to the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and in those four visits, I have covered, maybe, half of the museum. And since all of those visits have been with a four year old, it is likely a high estimate to say I have seen half of the pieces in those half of the rooms.To describe the Met as huge is an understatement....more

Indian Son

My little guy is obsessed with India. He's always talking about the food he ate, the games he played, and (with some jealousy even writing this) his mom and dad. Oh yeah, and he had sister there also, but she was older than him so he didn't play with her too much. I love to listen to his stories, and while his made up details are fascinating, I'm always looking for ways to encourage his pursuit of knowledge. A few weeks ago, my husband's university sent a mock postcard advertising their study abroad program....more

A Seat at the Diner

How many times have you had a song stuck in your head and then turned on the radio to hear that exact song playing? Well, that experience has just been one-upped. This afternoon, while singing the oh-so catchy Doo-doo-do-do's of Tom's Diner, I turned the radio on just as Suzanne Vega was singing the same 'Doo-doo." And in a moment, my day shifted. It's as if the whole day is now exuding a new potential. ...more
Love idea! Time to sink it!more

Wanderlust and Playdates

I lost my favorite Indian batik sheet while living out of my backpack in Paris. I always stop short of describing it as 'backpacking' since that conjures images of motorcycle rides to Amsterdam and eating prawns in Dingle with leather skinned Irish fishermen. That's not quite what I was doing. Actually all I ever did was just sit. Sometimes next to a fountain, sometimes at Le Telex on rue de Grenelle, sometimes just by the window in my chambre de bonne watching the wind blow flecks of paint from my dilapidated windows. And somehow I lost my sheet. ...more