How Do You Know What It's Worth to Blog Something Hurtful?

Needless to say a bigger conversation ensued where folks felt like they shouldn't hide their feelings, they should have the right to say what they want. Too many people are hiding their feeling as it is. And I agree. But my main question stands... What's it worth to you? You see, while we love this brave new world of blogging, and many of us use it as therapy creating whole communities of supportive folks, there is that moment that what you share will perhaps hurt someone that is dear to you. ...more
You make a really good point.  Recently, I kicked out my son and his girlfriend from my house.  ...more

The Ex Identity Thing... Hollywood Exes...Really?

Being an Ex comes with a heavy price if you allow it to cost you so much.  Often folks don't know when to stop being someone's Ex and start being who they are.  So much of our identities are tied to who we were in a marriage.  I was thinking about this as I got news of another reality show about the EX wives of celebrities.  Some of these women have been divorced from their celebrity ex-husbands for years and years and yet, they are still  calling themselves an Ex? WOW!...more

I Wish...and other thoughts on Weiner, politics and mess.

When did we become so interested in gossip as replacemnt for real news? When did we co-sign to be co-partners in other folks pain.  Sure we wrap up our unhealthy fascination into other people's lives under the guise of I have a right to know stance.  We treat politicians like we own them, when in fact we don't.  Your vote does not entitle you to anything other than supporting the energy and ideals of someone representing you in public office. Yes we want them to be honest and forthright.  Yet we get it twisted, we want them to be our better selves....more

Thank you! I'm tired of this mentality too. It reflects badly on our country that we are ...more


CREATE WHAT YOU NEED... Why I Blog ...more

It is nice to know you are still reigning over here! The world as we know it is changing and ...more


So I am over at TwentyEight30 and  this is posted.  Yep, she is mad too.  Now I have never posted here at Blogher...I have happily responded and jumped in on posts and truly enjoyed that.  But tonight this mess just wore me thin!  So rather than go on and on, I am going to just share this mess with my Blogging Sisters here and let whatever the posts this thing gets be the post.  ...more

i also posted about this over on my more

Lovebabz a life in transition

Hello, I am a few days old here! I love this site. There is so much to check out. I am a 44 year old African American woman. I am married---barely, we have 4 children that we adopted. I was elected to local office twice, I resigned half way through my second term. I pleaded guilty 9/11/06 in federal court to 1 count of misappropriation of federal funds for a federal program. I am awaiting sentencing. I am bankrupt,unemployed, my house is in foreclosure, and my husband of 12 years has taken a studio apartment for himself. Yep, I can't make this stuff up--it's almost too good for TV. Anywway, I am new to blogging. I like it a lot. ...more