Blog Meets World

Yesterday I emailed my blog site to my parents.  I have a very close relationship with my parents, and yet for some reason, sharing my blog with them made me feel a bit self-conscious.  I don't write anything embarrassing on my blog - in fact, I can pretty much guarantee that I talk about much more embarrassing things on the phone with my mom on a regular basis - so I'm not sure why I was so hesitant.  I won't blog any differently now that I know that family members might read something that I write.  I guess it's just that my parents are the first "real ...more

Bikini Blues

I’m going to make a bikini confession: I haven’t worn one since I was a small child. My little sister and I wore matching bikinis on the beach. We were very cute, my sister stick thin and me with a pudgy little belly. I remember some teenagers singing "We wish they all could be California giiiiiiirls" as we chased each other into the water. Since then? Yeah, not so much on the bikini front.I bought myself a bikini three years ago. I love the colours and the print and the feel of the fabric between my fingers....more

You need to work what is best for you. If you don't feel comfortable wearing a bikini then turf ...more

I am a Person Who Makes Stuff

I decided recently that I am a Person who Makes Stuff. And so I set out yesterday to make a sleeve for my new ereader. I wanted it to be pink and brown. I wanted two coordinating prints. I wanted a pocket. And a flap. And a button.And then it dawned on me...this was step one in my journey towards being a radical housewife! This was a feminist pursuit! I was reclaiming so-called "woman's work" and using it as an outlet to express myself: creative, original, anti-consumerist, self-sufficient, eco-friendly....more

Reusable Pads: Get Green, Period

I use washable cloth menstrual pads. (Ha! How's that for just jumping into things without any preamble?) Squeamish people, this post is filled with details about something that comes out of my girly bits every month. If you’re a girl, then there’s a pretty good chance that stuff comes out of your girly bits every month too. Or it used to. Or it will someday. So if you’re bothered by talk of menstruation...skip on by this post....more
Good article but its a shame about all the ick and eeeeww's - why oh why reinforce the menstrual ...more