I painted an old terracotta lamp base I picked up at a garage sale

At a recent vide-grenier, I picked up this terracotta lamp base which at €3,  I decided was too good an opportunity to miss. I know it's not very pretty but I was sure that I could revive it.      ...more

It looks great! I think I need to get more creative with yard sale finds. I'm curious - when you ...more

Am I being 'dirty' not bathing my children every day?

An odd question I know but 5 kids later, I'm older, supposedly wiser and a little more open to the alternative. I've just read a great post ; I Went Soap-free and I Liked It which I highly recommend as it has got me thinking on a couple of levels,  one of them being do we bathe our children too often?  My mum always insisted and quite rightly too, that we had a wash of hands, face and privates before going to bed but we had a bath every other night and washed our hair about thr...more

You don’t have to be rich to have a beautiful home and you don’t have to be poor to buy second-hand furnishings!

  We all have different tastes and our homes are where we express ourselves the best.  I also think that taste, evolves as we grow and it is constantly metamorphosing as we change even if it’s only in minute detail. When you walk into someone’s home for the first time, you can learn a lot about this person just by observing the surroundings.  If it’s messy and chaotic or without character/personality it makes me think that something is going on with this person, not always a bad something but something never the less.  If it’s full of character and person...more

When daddy doesn't come home at night

It’s not an unusual phenomenon single parenting, guys and dolls are doing it around the globe and most of them are doing an absolutely fabulous job.   The thing is, I’m not a single parent but with my husband living 2,600 miles away it sure does feel like it. We’ve been married nearly 18 years, have a fantastic relationship and this was a really hard call but we too were affected by the economic crisis and needs must!...more

My Tables Have Woodworm - Should They Stay or Should They Go?

I recently bought this gorgeous nest of tables from the local thrift shop.  I have been looking for a couple of months for something to put in the TV room for when the children have a treat and watch a movie whilst munching away at their lunch so and these caught my eye as the wood is solid and I love the shape of the legs.  I did notice a couple of holes dotted around and made a mental note that they probably would need a woodworm treatment but not easily scared, this didn't put me off.  I paid my €25 euros and rushed to the local hardware store to get some product.  After a quick google translate, I bought 'Durcisseur bois vemoulus' and headed home to get started ...more

I think if the pieces were of monetary or emotional value I would definately take professional ...more

A mixed marriage - will it ever work?

 When my husband and I married 17 years ago, we had a lot of people mumbling in the background that it will never last, even people we thought were our friends had doubts.  My father in law disowned his son and his family were torn apart by our union.   I remember as a little girl, aunties whispering in the kitchen over a cup of tea that so and so’s marriage would never last.  The mixed marriage they were talking of was ...more

In my experience, living a life others design for us is an eventual recipe for disaster. Bravo ...more

Scouring for french vintage charm

After a particularly grueling french lesson, I decided to treat myself with a trip around the local brocantes. There seems to be nothing that the French like more than a good rummage through someone else's cast off's and they seem to cater for all tastes and pockets. ...more