Men Are From Mars

So I called Steven at work today. This was our conversation. MeHi Husband SteveHi Sweetie MeWhat are you doing? StevenCounting cash.... MeCounting cash! Do you have another job as a waiter or male hooker that you haven't told me about? StevenNo, I pulled a little cash out from our account just in case the markets crash and we go on a banking holiday. MeA what? ...more

New Lipstick

It's Official: I am an independent. For the past 20 years, I've always voted for the democratic ticket... I am a Midwesterner who was raised with liberal values. In my life time, I'd like to see universal health care in the United States..., less dependency on oil, and I am pro-choice through and through. This political season has shaken me up a bit. Not only have I been watching from the sidelines through the media, I personally met Bill Clinton last November and worked on a democratic campaign in Salt Lake City for a few months... ...more

Political Junkie

Last night, I insisted that my kids sit down and watch to Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention. Between their baths, pajama time and silly time, they ran in and out of the room and if nothing else, realized, Barack Obama has kids too. Okay, that's how they related to the experience. I hope you spent some time last night listening and watching the historic moment in the history of the United States of America: Barack Obama accepting the nomination for the presidency of the United States. ...more

Chutes and Ladders

Do you remember the game Chutes and Ladders? Players jump ahead on ladders and slide back down the chutes on the game board... ...more

Welcome Home

Confucius once said that "Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." It's official. We've finally gotten all of your stuff out of the apartment and you are completely moved back home. I am pretty sure the kids will miss the outdoor pool. They are excited that you are back in the home and now think you are some sort of rock star. The amount of work we've had to do to get home together has been monumental. We started therapy. You moved out. I resigned from a beloved position at the University. ...more

Pinch Me

Last week, I started working from home for this international charity based on the east coast. I've been doing contract work with the organization since February. And, now I am officially managing their efforts in Utah. I am working half time in a schedule that can be worked around my family life. I am working from home.  In my pajamas and slippers. STOP! Pinch me. Did I finally land a position that incorporates parenthood into its corporate culture?  ...more

Sardines in a Tin Can

Not feeling up to cooking one evening, Granny, Steve and I headed out with the 2 kids for dinner. Being a proud mother, I insisted they comb their hair, wash their faces and even change into clean clothes. Let me remind you. The chicklets like to play in the mud. Often. A change of clothes was imperative. ...more

A Magical Frozen Indulgence

Steve and I happened to be driving down 1100 east on our "date night" and noticed this quaint little shop offering magical frozen indulgences. Feeling hot and craving something sweet, we stopped to sample the gelato. Dolcetti Gelato is owned by Elizabeth and Mark England, who learned the craft from Italian artisans, then brought the cool treats to the local Utah community. The products are handmade from natural ingredients, locally grown, hand-selected fruits and berries in season, and fresh milk from family dairies. ...more