My Funny Valentine's Day Story.

This may be the funniest story I can remember from my youth.Reader discretion advised though, you may shed a tear.In my entire life I have never had a Valentine/boyfriend/kiss/etc…  Not necessarily a good thing or a bad thing but hey I have the rest of my life ahead of me.In seventh grade I really wanted that to change (Hash tag middle school sucks.), so I devised a plan....more

I wish mirrors lied.

I want to be different.I desire to change so much but every time something gets in my way.Or am I getting in my own way?I hate that person crying in the mirror.She is ugly. She is fat. She is unhappy.I wonder why, so often, I couldn’t have been born with the genetics of a super model like most of my friends. Or why I am not athletic like any of them. I don’t know why I have to be me.I wished mirrors lied so that when I saw my reflection it would be of a strong confident girl who actually liked herself.But it’s not....more


Confidence boost indeed.Sometimes just a word can make your self image sky rocket.Just being told that something that you love is wonderfully wonderful can change a day completely!Well let me explain.Yesterday I had talent show auditions at my school, in other words the one time a year I can actually show the school what I like to do.That I am good at something....more

It's the Ninth.

It's the Ninth.The day I have been waiting for.The day we have been praying for, for months now.I am terrified.To explain my past a little further, my father died when I was younger and my mom has been the only source of legitimate income for years. She was laid off months ago forcing her to apply for unemployment. Since she has been jobless she has been at home, applying for job after job with no luck....more

Back in Session

Here we are again. Typical coming of age blog post.Hello School, hello death.I think I forgot how to use my alarm clock. Every morning it beeps and beeps but I don't remember what the noise is for. It’s deceiving and evil and gross.I don't think I can get used to it again. I am not meant to stay in a room for 8 hours a day. I have so much more to offer. To give.It seems like every day now people are pressuring me to figure out what I want to be. But why can't I just be? ...more

A Beginners Rant.

I am starting to write a blog to blow off steam, or maybe to unleash all the crazy inside my head. Either way isn't it the same thing?Not really writing for anyone in particular. Just like an online diary.I write in drabbles like I'm reciting facts of definitions. It's easier to write. Ideas just run off the top of my head onto the screen. Beautiful....more