Should sex chat rooms make me feel icky?

I have a new addiction. Sex chat rooms. Now I was doing some research (no really) and I wanted to see what the big deal was. I remember when I was younger me and three friends went on a chat room secretly whilst her parents were downstairs. We told some guy there was four of us (which there was) that we were four young sexy 18 year olds (which we wasn't.) I even said my name was Kelly portraying myself as some fun blonde. At the time I thought blonde equalled attractive as we all know blondes have more fun....more

What to do if you catch your fella perving at somebody else's fun bags.

Now on a good day I'm a size 14 on a bad day when I hate the world im a size 16. I'm a brunette, brown eyes good size boobs and a massive arse. I'm 5,8' so my flabby bits have a long way to spread out to. If I stand tall with my shoulders back its almost as if said flabby bits don't exist! (I said almost.)  I've just been away for two weeks with A my current boyfriend of over two years and it was amazing. Last year we went away together for the first time. We were all over each other, so in love and no one else got a look in. I was also at my heaviest....more

A is for awkward?

Never mind the big O, the Big Dipper or he has a big one I'm talking about the big A. Anal. Ouch. Now imagine my dilemma when whilst browsing the aisles of a well known supermarket I bumped into M, the guy I lost my anal virginity with. Okay so I hadn't seen him for years and he is now married with a baby but all these thoughts came rushing into my head. Thoughts of us together, dirty thoughts really really dirty thoughts. The kind of thoughts I didn't want to be having with my mum stood next to me. Which she was. Right next to me. Pushing the trolley. Awkward....more

Boyfriend or boy friend?

J is my best friend. I've known him since we were 11. He has dirty blond hair brown eyes, medium height, great thighs and bum and I don't fancy him in the slightest. Pinky promise. We talk alot about sex the things I want to do the things him and his gf have done but the conversation doesn't make me horny for him in the slightest, his taste is too vanilla. I tell him everything sometimes things I don't tell A my boyfriend, why? I don't know. Me and J are very similar we're both high maintenance make each other laugh and very honest with each other. Sometimes too honest....more

Lets talk about sex baby lets talk about you and me and two others

That's right I'm greedy. I love flirting, I love getting my own way and I love feeling wanted. I am selfish but also very insecure. I decided to start with what I suppose was my first love R, last night I couldn't sleep for hours I hadn't thought about or seen him for years. He's still with the gf he was with whilst I was with him. I hear about him from time to time but his name doesn't affect me how it used to. How when his name appearing on my phone gave me butterflies, how when I seen him nothing mattered because at that moment he wanted me and he was mine....more

Lie back and think of not being a virgin anymore

I was 15 when I lost my virginity with R who was all blonde hair blue eyes and hairless chest. He was four years older than me (dont call the police) and he was a family friend. I was infatuated he unfortunately wasn't. For him it was the thrill of doing it on my parents sofa whilst they slept upstairs. For me it was painful. Did he take advantage?...more