Teen Magazines- To Read or Not to Read?

I am sure this topic has been tackled by several more reputable professionals, ( I know- I have seen them all over the web) but I felt inspired to post anyway. I feel that it will be slightly more unique, as it is from a teenage girl's perspective. Here goes; ...more

Skater's Fat Flush plan- Day 1

Today, I started a new diet. I know, I know.......to many of you, this sounds too cliche, as it is. It seems as if teenagers and adults alike are consistantly dieting these days. They  try to turn themselves into a fabulous supermodel or Keira Knightly, often with limited if any success. Often people get so wrapped up in their restrictive diets that they stress themselves out, lose very little (if any) weight, and end up quitting and falling into the comforting arms of Ben and Jerry. ...more

However...you knew there had to be a however, didn't you?

I hope you check this ...more

A Teenager's Letter to her Body

Ever since I joined BlogHer a week ago, I have been fascinated by the Letters to my Body segment. Women from of all ages and walks of life seemed to be taking the initiative and writing a letter to that often despised, hard working shell that our spirit calls home.  I have to admit, I find it a bit difficult to write a letter to myself. I am not the type of person that typically talks aloud to myself, or really "chats" with or praises my body regularly. Especially not on a blog with scores of readers! But maybe that needs to change........ ...more

This is a great letter, Christie. And I really like how you ended on a positive (my personal ...more

Hi Everybody!

My name is Christie, and I am a figure skater/speed skater/social entrepeneur who lives in Lake Placid NY. My blog is about figure skating, speed skating, and creating events for the improvement of the community, but it is about more than that. Lake Placid Skater also includes skating news, competition/event reports (from here and elsewhere), photos, my adventures, photos, and other fun topics. So check it out! Have a great day everyone!  www.lakeplacidskater.blogspot.com ...more

And I'm looking forward to reading your skating posts.

BlogHer Community ...more