Open Memo to Jon Husted, Ohio Secretary of State

Dear Ohio Secretary of State:  ...more

Easing My Swimsuit Pain

Summer time means water time. Despite the fact that I can not swim, I want like millions of others want to get in the water.  I The problem is I don’t want to get in half naked wearing  a swimsuit that doesn’t hide enough of my scary parts. If only there were one which highlighted my neck and calves, camouflaging everything in between, summer life could be fabulous. After losing more than 150lbs, I niavely thought this activity would magically be easier somehow.  (Did I mention I often laugh at myself?...more

NaBloPoMo: The Best Part of Parenting

The best part of parenting has been discovering the world all over again. See, my childhood was filled with fear. I did not know how to relax and always remained on alert. Alert was my normal state of being. I had to be careful not to set off one or both of my parents, try to do what I could to escape abuse, learn how to hide physical and emotional pain. So, when I made the decision to parent I was determined to be the best parent I could be. Not perfect. Just do the best I could....more
Your post was very sweet and touching to read.  The love for your family (and back to you) is ...more

Galatians 5: Love over Law

Galatians 5: 6-8, 12-15I believe the reality of Christianity is:...more

The Walmart Militia...

I love discounts and have been known to plot a path through town for the best prices on the products I want. But some things are just not worth enduring, and right now Walmart is on that list! Yes, I said it Walmart isn’t worth the trouble of a discount. I know it may not even be legal to say in some parts of America, but it’s true!...more

Yes, I prank my own kids

Today’s BlogHer NaBloPoMo Prompt: Talk about the best prank you ever pulledThis is going to sound bad, but some of the best pranks we pulled were on our own kids. Now these pranks usually came after they had tried to pull some kind of gross or scary prank first. Of course this wasn't always the case. Let me tell you, either way, they deserved every prank played on them for 4 reasons:...more

The Bad Luck Detective Challenge: 10 Things About Me

10 things about me that may be interesting... 1.) My husband and I crossed paths 5 different times before we actually met (one of the times I served his table when I was a waitress)2.) At the hospital when I was born they had a mix-up, and they gave me to the wrong parents for a day 3.) great sales, deep discounts, free stuff and generally saving money on a purchase makes me giddy4.) For two decades, I've struggled with pica. ...more
Meant to be! --You and hubby.more

A Sigh of Relief for Healthcare

For years now health has been political. I don't want political healthcare. I just care about health for my family. There are three reasons why this healthcare reform bill was important for my little worldI am a woman ...more

Dreaming of a designated driver mobile app

We have a teenager and a son in college. I know what we taught them, but I also know how powerful peer pressure to drink can get. Of course then comes the need to get home and I pray they don't choose to drive, but I can't be there to do that. (Let's just say attachment parenting is after my time) I still want them to be careful and wish I could help them make smart choices.So yeah, I admit it, I'm the mom who sits up at night thinking of ways to keep my grown ass kids safe. Especially now that we are no longer their first choice for hanging out....more
I think that is an excellent idea! A great way to ensure our children arrive home safe and sound.more

Farmer's Market Meals: Rosemary Chicken and Garden Vegetable Pizza

This past weekend we had the pleasure of visiting two local Farmer's Markets in my area. We sampled and tried new and old favorites. We filled our reusable bags with everything from fresh super sweet Maui onions and exotic cherimoya fruit to fresh homemade breads and cheeses minus the preservatives and nasty extras....more