#32. Who should kill the bugs? Whoever is closest. (Or bravest.) (Or least holiest.)

Married people like outdoor living spaces: In my five years of marriage, I’ve learned a thing or two about my husband. Like the fact that leaving town for a few days means I’ll most likely come home to a surprise. Women love surprises. At the end of June, I flew to Florida for a business trip. When I returned to MogLand four days later, my hubby had purchased and assembled (so I couldn’t tell him return it) a screened-in gazebo. He turned our contractor-basic cement pad into a fake sunroom. And I loved him for it....more

#22 Poetic Justice: Out of the mouths of babes.

#22 Poetic Justice: Out of the mouths of babes....more

Lights. Camera. DMV.


To Have And To Hold, Sorta.

Married people like sleeping in separate beds (gasp!): We were married for three years before discovering the luxury of alternate arrangements. But that’s not the disturbing part. I mean, hey, Who Am I to complain when being offered a king size mattress all to myself? ...more

Yes, I agree, every marriage develops its own set of rules (many you make up as you go)! But, ...more

A Love Affair With Fried Food

Married people like fried food: I just have to say fried food tastes better when there’s a ring on your finger. That is why they’re called Love Handles. ...more

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