Further Proof That I Should Have Been Born A Man

My thoughts on showers, Christmas cards and thank-you notes are well-documented in my blog. For these reasons alone my lady card should be revoked....more

Where's My Golden Glow?

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Creative Discipline

Every day people ask me, "Why is your son so well-behaved? How are you able to take him to restaurants and stores so easily?" The answer is, of course, discipline.My son is terrified of me because I know how to discipline. Some might call my methods a little unorthodox, but you can't argue with the results.  I don't spank. I don't do time-out. I simply harness the power of open mic night.Read the rest of this entry here. ...more

Just You Wait

I got pregnant almost three years ago. People were happy and excited for me. They said nice, encouraging things. But they also said stuff like, "Just you wait. No more sleep for you. No fun, no friends. You might as well shoot yourself in the face, because your life is over!" Yes, I got less sleep after he was born. That was hard. Yes, my relationships changed, and my social life changed. That was hard. But I am also fortunate enough to have a lot of help from family and a wonderful, selfless, and helpful baby daddy. I was able to maintain a sense of myself....more
Absolutely! More of that, please! :)more


Let's be real, people. This time of year sucks. It's gray, it's cold, and if you're me, you're faced with the option of getting frostbite outside with your temperature-immune toddler or being stuck in the house with your stir-crazy toddler. I'm not one of those magic moms with tons of creative crafts and indoor activities in my arsenal, and frankly I don't even have the motivation to Pinterest them. I mean, yesterday we made cookies, but I proceeded to eat half the dough while moodily staring out the window. You might say I'm a little SAD, as in, seasonal affective disordered....more