Be Passionate (Week 6)

Passionate: having, compelled by, or ruled by intense emotion or strong feeling. ...more

Be Fair (Week 5-ish)

fair: free from bias or injustice; courteous, civilThis week’s BE is interesting for me to write, as it’s a topic that comes up in my various circles of girlfriends from time to time.It has been said that I am quick to cut people off at the knees once we have experienced a major conflict. That’s not always the case (it can be, but not always).But I have learned that people are in your life for a reason; and they can stay for season or a lifetime. Transition is good and sometimes it is necessary....more

Be Honest (Week 4)

“No legacy is so rich as honesty.” William Shakespeare All’s Well That End Well This post is not about how we interact with others but how we interact with ourselves. Honesty, like love, starts with self. It sets the foundation of who we are....more

Be Unwavering (Week 3)

Now before you think that I’m on a specific roll (bold, direct, unwavering), today I want to talk about dreams. When I dream, I dream BIG! Big, audacious, exciting dreams....more

Be Direct (Week 2)

As women, I think we are taught to temper our directness. We are coached to be genteel, soft spoken and to wait for the right time (i.e. our turn) to speak. But when we suppress our voice, we are left with a bunch of could haves, should haves and next times that take up space in our minds and our souls. ...more

52 Weeks of Being: Be Bold (Week 1)

“Fortune favors the bold.” - Virgil Whenever I think that I can’t do something, I think of my grandmother. My grandmother, Alivee Harper, raised me. She was my first example of what a strong woman was. After raising her six kids, she and my grandfather took on the responsibility of raising a six-month-old....more

52 Weeks of Being

February was the celebration of my birthday. I say February and not a specific day because I celebrate all month long. (Note: birthdays ending in 0 and 5 are milestone birthdays and they are celebrated all year long; this was not one of those years). At one point during the month, I was having a reflective moment.What did I want to achieve this year?...more

The Hopeless State of Today

Last night, I along with thousands across the country, watched as Prosecutor Robert McCulloch read that a grand jury chose not to indict Officer Darren Wilson in the death of Michael Brown, Jr. I knew in my heart what the conclusion would be, but I was hopeful....more

BlogHer14... Get Ready to Meet the New & Improved Phoenix Tribe!

Last year, a small group of friends from Phoenix attended our very first BlogHer conference. There were three ladies and a pre-teen blogger in the making attending the workshops, socializing with new people and taking it all in.We had the most unimaginable time! So much so, that when we returned, we talked, and talked, and talked... and talked some more about the time that we had....more

The Political Upset That No One Saw Coming

Today, in Virginia, the unthinkable happened in the world of politics. Rep. Eric Cantor, Majority Leader and the number 2 guy in the House met defeat at the hands of a virtual political unknown, see "Eric Cantor loses GOP primary to tea party challenger Dave Brat."...more
I'm not so sure about that. From listening to some folks from Virginia talk, they weren't ...more