Menarche - Is Your Daughter Ready for Her First Menses?

Whether because of fear, myth, misinformation or culture many young girls the world over are startled to the point of panic when their first period begins.  Yesterday was the anniversary of my first menses.  Each year I remember how anti-climactic the situation was....more

To Tell The Truth

This month on NaBloPoMo the theme is scandal.  Most of the prompts involve lying, being lied to or lying to someone.  I would be surprised if I ran across a completely honest person.  Each and every one of us has told a lie.  Even if it’s a little white lie.  Lying is a  fact of being imperfect humans in an imperfect world.  We learn to do it without prompting or example when we are little in an effort of self preservation.  When my daughters lie to me I can tell without even prodding for the truth....more

Thursday Thinking Works: Introducing Non-Native Species to the US Wild

Thinking Works is an assignment my little girl has to do every week for school.  This week it is touching on a subject that I think about often.  Should foreign species be allowed for import to the United States.  Like my daughter my answer is no.  Since there has never been a restriction of movement of animals between countries from times past we are suffering the consequences of their impingement on our environment.  We have to do what we can to prevent further damage to our native flora and fauna....more

Acting On Impulse

I just realized I am very vanilla and super cautious.  OK, OK, I didn't just realize it, but the thought actually stung a little.  Have I ever done anything on impulse?  Have I ever just jumped in with both feet without thinking?  Spontaneity?  Recklessness?   Hmmmm. No not really.   Don't get me wrong I have acted silly on occasion but now without a certain safety in knowing I wasn't making a complete fool of myself alone OR that my dignity would still be in tact when I was done....more

Where Are You Most YOU? | We Are Earthformed

Originally posted on We Are Earthformed -Today's prompt from Nablopomo is - When or where do you feel most like yourself?At first I was tempted to say "no where" and that made me feel sad momentarily.  Then I remembered I do have a place and an activity where I feel the most me.  A place where I feel like I belong; where my knowledge and passion come together and actually have results.  I am most me in my garden....more