Hell On Wheels Broad

Loving Evil Pinterest

 Pinterest is evil & I love it.I love it so much I spend time there practically every day, even if only a few seconds.I love its cute font and red lettering....more

2014 Cha Cha!

 This final day of 2013will be (Heaven willing and yes indeed I do touch wood!)peaceful and filled with joy.I am Taking Joy for this new year.Because each and every day is a Blessing; though naturally, because That’s The Way Life Is and The Way We Are, we fail to recognize this all too often.There can be a bit of humor found in each mishap, each backward step – so long as it isn’t too serious – and there is always, always a lesson....more

Welcome Christmas. Thanksgiving Sucked.

  It is a well known, documented, and discussed fact that the holidays put a lot of stress on people. A lot of pressure....more

The Easy Mourning

  So far this has been a hard month; and it’s only the fifth....more
I'm sorry.more

Heisenberg Lives!

 ~Discover The Transformation~...more

You Can Go Home Again

So he came home....more

Messy Grace

Oddly enough, mine is not a picture perfect life.And I have no plethora of beautifully arranged photos to post here at Its Own Sweet Will for it to seem otherwise.I have no hours to devote to photo arrangements.Beautiful photos:  of tag sale gleaming crockery bowls, worn wooden tables handed down from my great grandmother, seemingly random tumbled displays of the generous bounty from our fertile fields....more

Pain In The Butt Love Unconditional

 Day 15 of 31 Days of Home & Family Culture{Check out the Entire Series Right Here}...more

The Scar Clan

The Seeker...more