"And vat should I vant?"

When I decided to take on the 30-Day Jewish Challenge, it sounded so simple: to say just one Jewish blessing a day. Easy on Shabbat, but I confess to failing to bless something each day....more

Elderly Peer Pressure: Stop The Phonistas

Tutorial Tuesday: How the Golden Mean can make your designs more compelling.

In a previous Tutorial Tuesday session, we talked about designing on a grid and the importance of an underlying order in design. Today’s tutorial addresses a more subtle way of ordering designs: the Golden Mean – sometimes referred to as the Golden Ratio or the Divine Proportion....more

Can you do a mini-mitzvah?

Designing on a Grid: Give Your Layouts Good Bones

While we sometimes equate creativity with freedom, or even chaos, communicating with speed and clarity requires a bit of organization. Designing on a grid provides an underlying structure and visual logic for the reader, whether or not the grid is obvious.The principle of the grid applies to print and online communications equally. Read more here, on Tutorial Tuesday....more

What's up with the huts? It's Sukkot!

What's in a Hebrew name?


A friendship of biblical proportions.

The friendship between Jonathan and David is one of the most moving stories in the bible. In 1 Samuel 18:1, it says that Jonathan "loved him [David] as his own soul." A friend who has been struggling with inoperable, advancing cancer wanted to give something to her best friend, the one who has been with her for just about every diagnosis, test, treatment, clinical trial and hard moment for three years....more

Which Graphic File Formats Work Where

Graphic file formats vary widely in their application. When choosing a graphic file format, here is the main consideration…Will it the graphic be used in ink-on-paper printing by a commercial printer, printed out on a desktop laser or ink-jet printer, or viewed only on a computer screen?...more