When Your Joke Goes Bust, Adjust

Have you ever tried to say something funny, only to realize not everyone realized it was a joke? So then you try to explain that you were kidding, but at that point it’s awkward and you just prefer to crawl into a hole?Now I’m not talking about people that say things they actually mean but try to pass them off as a joke because they’re too passive to say what they really mean (“Oh, you never return my stuff! I’m just kidding…”). That drives me crazy....more

Who Wore It Best? Who Cares?

Who Wore It Best? Who Cares?Ok, I’ll admit I’m as much a sucker for gossip magazines as the next girl. I don’t subscribe, but when I’m at the hairdresser or in line at the grocery store I love to flip through to catch up on my celebrity news. It’s fun, mindless entertainment. But there’s one section that always sort of bugs me and frankly I’m amazed it’s still out there. It today’s world, with so much emphasis on anti-bullying campaigns, I’m surprised that so many magazines and websites still have a “Who Wore It Best?” section....more

Just Good Enough

I got a great piece of advice last week. An acquaintance introduced me to the “Just Good Enough” category and encouraged me to incorporate it into my life.Just. Good. Enough.Simple, but brilliant.There’s no trick to it. It simply means that there are times when things don’t have to be 100% perfect. What a concept, right? Like I said, brilliant. Often, giving yourself permission to be “just good enough” is the best thing you can do.Easier Said Than Done...more
So funny, I just wrote about being a "Good Enough" mom in my latest blog post for Mother's Day, ...more

Make New Friends But Keep the Old

It’s a catchy old song that I used to sing but never understood why one friend had to be silver and the other gold. Why does one have to be second place? Why couldn’t they both be gold? And who ends up with the bronze?Still I always liked the song’s message, even though lately I’ll admit I’ve been slacking in the “make new friends” role. So I write this blog as a reminder to myself to make that extra effort – even when I feel like I’m too busy or too tired or too whatever. It’s important and might mean something to someone who needs a friend. I know it did to me....more

10 Lessons Learned When Katrina Bamboozled My Wedding

It’s hard to believe it’s been seven years since my wedding was interrupted by a little thing called Hurricane Katrina. At the time it seemed surreal, and though it wasn’t anything like the wedding we had planned, in many ways it was even better.Over the last few months I’ve watched other natural disasters attack our country – from heartbreaking wildfires to torrential storms and now the recent destruction of Hurricane Isaac.  So many lives were affected in tragic ways and everyone has a different story....more

5 Bedrooms, 4 Baths and a Poop Log

I knew it wouldn’t be easy of selling a house and keeping it “show ready” with a bunch of kids and dog, but I thought I was prepared for the chaos. I was sure I could handle the last minute frantic-cleaning and be able to leave the house spotless each time we had a showing. Apparently, I had no idea what I signed up for…Thursday was quite a doozy, so I did what I often do when I’m at my breaking point. I called a friend to commiserate. Being a good friend, she told me a story that made me laugh and put my bad day into perspective. It ended with a log of poop....more