My Teen Son Is Gay: What Now?

My brilliant, quirky, wise, witty, wonderful 13-year-old son shared with me this week the fact that he is gay. And it's not a surprise to me or anyone who knows him—with his flair for impeccable fashion advice to his love of all things sparkly and kitty-related, he's a sensitive, gentle, extremely empathetic and kind kid. My boy proudly wore a hula skirt for weeks at age three, even to preschool (with his pink Crocs, of course). ...more
JoAnneApple Oh, how you made me smile with your support, JoAnne! I feel so lucky that he's my ...more

Pop Art Pet Pillows – Oh My!

OK – so I just fell in LOVE with this crazy cool gift idea for pet lovers – Pop Art Pet Pillows!...more

BlogHer Co-Founders on FORTUNE's Powerful Women List

We're very excited that BlogHer's co-founders have been added to the list of FORTUNE's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs!...more
Congratulations!! You all have been at the forefront of a movement that has empowered so many ...more