The Wrap: Your Conference Wrap Up -- May 20, 2016

Hi everyone, happy Friday and welcome to another weekly BlogHer conferences news wrap up! Let's start with #BlogHer16 news, shall we? First up, we want you to know that if you're a #BlogHer16Newbie—meaning someone who's never attended a BlogHer conference—we've got tips to help you feel more comfortable and make the most of your experience....more

#BlogHer16 Newbies: 10 Tips for Total Conference Domination

Whether #BlogHer16 is your first conference or your tenth, sometimes we all feel like a #BH16Newbie. There will always be attendees we haven’t met yet, activities that everyone seems to know about - except you - and that nagging little voice that whispers, “Am I doing this right?” ...more

What the #BlogHerFood Conference Is Really Like

Thinking about joining us for #BlogHerFood16 in Austin, but not sure what it's all about? Check out some of the highlights from #BlogHer15 in Chicago — it was incredible. ...more

Come and Get It - Your #BlogHerFood16 Badge!

BlogHerFood16: Experts Among Us is headed to Austin this October, and we can't wait to throw down some good eatin' and learnin' for y'all (practicing my southern dialect - is it working?)....more

Grab Your Badge for #BlogHer16

BlogHer16: Experts Among Us is coming to LA this August, and we're excited because it's shaping up to be our best conference yet with so many surprises still to come....more

My Teen Son Is Gay: What Now?

My brilliant, quirky, wise, witty, wonderful 13-year-old son shared with me this week the fact that he is gay. And it's not a surprise to me or anyone who knows him—with his flair for impeccable fashion advice to his love of all things sparkly and kitty-related, he's a sensitive, gentle, extremely empathetic and kind kid. My boy proudly wore a hula skirt for weeks at age three, even to preschool (with his pink Crocs, of course). ...more
My best advice is to turn to your beautiful son, take him by the hand and sit him down and tell ...more

Pop Art Pet Pillows – Oh My!

OK – so I just fell in LOVE with this crazy cool gift idea for pet lovers – Pop Art Pet Pillows!...more

BlogHer Co-Founders on FORTUNE's Powerful Women List

We're very excited that BlogHer's co-founders have been added to the list of FORTUNE's Most Powerful Women Entrepreneurs!...more
Congratulations!! You all have been at the forefront of a movement that has empowered so many ...more