Who You NEED to See Speak at #BlogHer16 (Based on Your Goals)

Whether you have already registered for #BlogHer16 or are still on the fence about coming (get off, sitting on that fence isn’t comfortable!), I bet you have looked to see who is speaking. This year, we have many great speakers and sessions offering ways to tell your story, monetize your blog and reach your goals. Here are just a few you won't want to miss!...more

Consider These Tips Before Starting a Video Series

Online videos are hot. They are a great way to market and build your personal brand and share what you are all about. Now, you may be asking yourself, “Why would I want to create a video series?” Creating a series keeps people coming back to see what you do next. You don’t have to be a big brand or highly popular influencer to create a video series. All it takes is a little pre-planning, production and marketing to get the word out about you. ...more

#BlogHer16 Programming: The Big Reveal

Over the past few weeks, we revealed our #BlogHer16 programming tracks, took a deep dive into each one, and there is truly something for everyone. Below is a recap of the sessions attendees can choose from in Los Angeles this August. Enjoy!   Mind Your Business...more
Well done, Lu! Woot!more

#BlogHer16 Programming Track: Hatch Labs

We’re excited to bring Hatch Labs to #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles. Last year was the first time we gave Generation Z their own programming at BlogHer annual, and it was a great experience for us and the kids. On Friday, we held hands-on workshops focused on Back to School: Learning to Lead for about 25 kids ages 8-16. You can check out the photos here. ...more

#BlogHer16 Programming Track: Open Labs

Today, I am thrilled to share our group of experts who will lead the Open Labs at #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles. Geek, Writing, and Business Labs give attendees hands-on access to tools and tips to improve your blogging, writing and social media skills.  Let’s dive deeper into our labs and experts:Geek Bar...more

New! Tech & Tools: #BlogHer16 Programming Track

I am a self-professed gadget girl. Technology and the tools that help us master technology thrill me as much as my shiny gadgets. This year at #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles, we have one heck of a line up of sessions and speakers ready to drop mad knowledge on you and help you elevate your tech game. If you are ready to get down and dirty with the technical side of building an audience and telling your story more effectively, we have what you are looking for. Let’s check them out! ...more

#BlogHer16 Programming Track: Publishing & Writing

The BlogHer community is full of amazing people with insider knowledge about publishing and writing. At #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles, these experts will share the latest trends and techniques to help you improve your blog, get your book published, create outstanding content, tell your personal story and get your work noticed. Let’s dive into the Publishing & Writing track: ...more
BlogHer Yes, everyone come to LA and talk publishing with us at #BlogHer16: ...more

Heart & Soul: #BlogHer16 Programming Track

Today we’re bringing the passion to #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles with the introduction of our Heart & Soul track. We’re bringing together storytellers who use comedy, social good, feminism and advocacy to change the world.  ...more
raisingself Intersectionality has been on of our core themes at Blogher for the past few years, ...more

New! The A/V Club: #BlogHer16 Programming Track

Doesn’t the name The A/V Club bring back fond memories of your audio-visual days in junior high and high school? Well, at #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles, we'll be exploring today's very latest A/V tools and techniques because we all are still drawn to great sound, images and moving pictures.  ...more

Announcing #BlogHer16 Programming Track: Mind Your Business

I don’t know about you, but I am very excited to experience #BlogHer16 in Los Angeles. I have seen the hotel and it is extra awesome. The sessions and speakers for this year’s conference are going to be dyno-MITE! I wish I could attend every single session because they are going to be outstanding.  ...more