Chocolate Cake Wednesday - Juice Caboose

To juice your body is to love your body. It's time to get serious and get healthier! I'd been reading a lot about the benefits of a juice fast and in my research I also came across a lot of related information on raw foods, veggie and veganism, and No Meat Monday. I have to say, it all makes so much sense to me. My husband and I just finished a raw food/juice cleanse combo for six days and we’ve been keeping it up with a mostly raw or vegan diet this week. First the food we had with the cleanse program was absolutely delicious. Who knew raw could be so tasty? Honestly, not me....more

Chocolate Cake Wednesday - Issue 1

Lobsterfest & More Picture this: hot steaming lobster, farm fresh corn on the cob, spicy andouille sausage, crusty french bread, perfectly matched wine and great friends - all at the Pine Ridge winery amidst the vines. This was our Saturday night and it couldn't have been any more perfect. Outside of the Fortis and our good friends B-- and L--, our highlight was meeting a work colleague (fabulously smart engineer in the Valley) by chance and his two friends Rob and Bryan (R&B). You just never know who you'll run into and who you'll meet....more