My Venture into ‘Tall’ Cakes

As I have mentioned before on this blog, over the last few months I have been taking the beginners series of Wilton classes at my local Michaels. This week will be my last week! I dont know what I will do with my Wednesday night from here on in! (well ok I really I know I will be busy as hell between now and, well probably Christmas)....more

Follow Friday - KC Bakes

Arent these just adorable! ...more

Certified Pre-Owned Cat adoption event and BAKE SALE

Since Wednesday 14th September 2011 until the 21st, the Irvine Animal Care Center is running its second Annual Certified Pre-Owned Adoption event. During this time, the shelter offers a reduced price on all its current cats and kittens, with further promotions on different breeds every day. ...more

Cupcake Camp OC Review 2011

Wow this week has been a crazy week. Work has been crazy and on top of that the Certifed Pre-Owned Cat Event at the Irvine Animal Care Center began on Wednesday. I have been meaning to sit down and add this post for days….well it was still less than a week ago so that’s still alright? Right?...more

The Wilton Final Gum Paste and Fondant Exam

Before we went off on our little galavant off to San Francisco last weekend, was the final class of my Wilton Gum Paste& Fondant Class, with the final project. ...more