Monthly Goal Recap: February = FAIL!

Remember this post where I discussed all of the things I wanted to work on this year? And how I said I'd let you all know how I did each month. Well, let's just say that I hope you like me for my charm and wit and not my ability to follow through with something, because February was a pretty unsuccessful month in the goal department. In my defense (or as an excuse. Whatever.), Little Ricky was sick TWICE!...more

Birth Control Reminder

I can't believe I never posted this story. I find it quite funny and have been meaning to share for a while, so here goes...A few months ago Little Ricky were taking a plane ride home just the 2 of us. It's always easier to travel with him when Daddy's around, but this time it was just us. Little Ricky was not awful on this flight, but at times he got a little fussy. And as we were squooshed into the window seat on a very full flight there wasn't much I could do about it. Sitting next to us was a young lady who was mid-20's tops....more

I think when we pop out our little bundles of joy a special mum fantasy gene is ...more

Who Do You Love More?

A couple of years ago I watched an episode of Oprah where this mom stirred up all sorts of controversy when she said she loved her husband more than her kids. She didn't say that she DIDN'T love her kids, just that she loved her husband more and that she thought in the long run this was best for her kids. She was showing them a loving relationship, teaching them the world wasn't all about them, etc. Well, you should have seen the other mommies get up in arms over this!...more

I saw that episode and found it very bizarre.  Since when is loving your husband ...more

A (Belated) Year in Review

I know, I know. 2010 has already been in full-swing for a month now, and everyone did their year in review and resolutions in January. What can I say?...more

On This Day in History

Many an exciting event has occurred on October 7. Things like... 1777 – American Revolutionary War: The Americans defeat the British in the Second Battle of Saratoga, also known as the Battle of Bemis Heights. 1849 – Edgar Allan Poe, American writer and poet (b. 1809), dies. 1952 – The bar code is patented. 1955 – Yo-Yo Ma, French-born American cellist, is born. 1982 – Cats opens on Broadway and runs for nearly 18 years before closing on September 10, 2000. ...more

Hope you had a good day, Denise!


A Time to Dance?


My Labor Day

A few of you have asked about my labor story so in honor of Little Ricky's 3 month birthday, here goes.(For the squeamish in the crowd and/or the menfolk, I will try to be vague whenever possible and limit the use of words like cervix and placenta.)(Oops, just used them. Sorry.)In order to really get the gist of the story I have to backup a few weeks to May 23. On May 23 I had my weekly check-up and was pleasantly surprised to discover that I was 1 cm dilated!...more


Today as I was walking down State Street I passed a mom carrying a very young, very little baby.And I got a pang in my heart.Little Ricky is only 3 months old, but he has already changed so much. As we all saw in the Monthly Pictures post, he has definitely changed in the size department. But it's not just that....more

Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow

Have I ever told you about my hair phobia?No?Well, let me fill you in.I HATE hair. Wait--that's not entirely true. As long as hair is attached to a head I don't mind it. But once it is UNattached from my your body, my body, any body's body I am completely grossed out!...more

You too? No, U2!

As I've mentioned before, Ricky and I are theatre people. We stay up on what is going on in the local theatre scene and I, especially, like to know what's new and hot on Broadway. When those shows make their way to Chicago, we try to go. On occasion we also go to the symphony, the opera and the ballet, but usually if we are buying tickets to something it is to the theatre.Several months ago, some Nashville friends got in touch to let us know that they were coming to Chicago for the U2 concert and had 2 extra tickets. ...more