Attachment Parenting in All Its Glory

                First of all, let me get it straight - Attachment Parenting philosophy was developed primarily with infants in mind, meaning that its techniques work best with babies that are younger than 2 years. Keeping this in mind, there are still obvious benefits of applying some of the AP tools to parenting your older child. ...more

3 More Benefits of Multilingualism (3 year old talking)

 My three year old son speaks three languages - English that he learned in daycare, French that he learned from daddy, and Russian that he learned from me. There is no question about how proud I am of myself and my husband for deciding to raise our children multilingual. And there are definitely obvious benefits to it. One of them is being able to communicate with them on a deeply emotional level, meaning to be able to express the exact feelings that you are experiencing at the moment (which is hard to achieve while speaking language that is not your mother tongue). Another benefit is that it's good for children's general development and might even increase their IQ in the future. However, there are also hidden benefits that I have never really thought of before my son got a little older... ...more

Got a Goat?

Do you have a goat in your backyard? I was talking to one of my coworkers and she told me this fascinating story about her family and their goat :) Yep, a goat. It might not be too surprising for you, but it was for me because since I moved here from Russia, I have never met anyone who had a goat in their backyard. I love that!!! ...more

Bedtime Story: The eyes inside of your head...

Eyes inside of your head. Picture by: Dreamer GirlWhen I was putting Ruslan to bed tonight, I was telling him his favorite story about this little boy Ruslan and his little brother Remi. He asks me to tell this story to him every night, but I try to mix it up with different animals they meet, different things they do, different places they go to, and so on. There is only one thing in the world that he loves more than stories - animals - he knows them all by name, by kind, by color, where they live and what they eat... But today our story was about ...more
@Luda And it will help him when he's asked to write stories at school. :)more