Meet Tracy Warner

Meet Tracy Warner. She is an adorable, down to earth, stylish and poised yellow Labrador.Everyone has a story, right? It turns out, so does Tracy. Feel free to bring in the tissues, if you so wish.This is how she came to be a member of the family....more

Rolling, Rolling, Rolling

Got A Headache? Just Ask For The Magic Pill

I was driving around the neighborhood the other day when I came across a family’s belongings out on the driveway. They were just open to the elements without care. No one knows the reason but the conjectural story is that the family may have fallen in hard times and were evicted as a result. The sad part for me was the sight of the Fisher-Price power wheels pink Barbie jammin’ jeep....more

Sand Castle Art

There is something mystical about building a sand castle. You are building something that you know for a fact that if not erected yards away from the seabed, soon or later, it will wash away in an instance. All it will take is one grand wave for your beautiful creation to turn into a pile of wet particulars....more

Buckle Up And Dream!

As the say goes, follow your dreams, the yellow brick road down the river and knock that door. Knock intensely until your knuckles surrenders. Tear through the glasshouse and take matters into your hands, no matter how long it takes, how hard it gets, the circumstances or hurdles you may encounter, just do it....more

A Letter To My Sister

So, it was my sister’s birthday the other day and since I could not be there in person, ocean dividing, I wrote her a letter. Last I heard, she replied back, I love you too.____...more

Photo Of The Day

I love art. I dream art. I smile art. I am art.I am an artist, a painter, a designer.I work with anything and everything.I create.I design.I live art.I am an handywoman.Handpainted sneaker. One and only creation.Original.It is me. Check it on my blog...more

Breathe, It is Paradise

Breathe and exhale. Say amen and dream. Take your temperature and stay cool. It is the sun. It is the cloud. It is the palm tree. It is the serene sound of tranquility. It is the quietness. Silence. It is the sea. It is the sunset. It is the red sunset....more

He responded: ” Nothing”

A very interesting debate that could have perhaps, gone to where no man has been before, temporarily ignited on Facebook based on a friend’s post. Lucky me, she is a friend, seriously a friend, a fact I can’t assert about forty five percent of those who I call “friend” but I digress. Welcome to social media!“Best answer ever! Oprah asked Don Miguel Ruiz (Author of The Four Agreements): “What happens when we die? He responded: ” Nothing”....more

UN International Day of Happiness

Today is the United Nation’s second International Day of Happiness. Yes, you heard it, Happiness.Laugh. Cry. Jump. Crawl. Kiss. Love. Sleep. Happy. Rejoice. Hooray. Yahooooo!...more