Pepper by Shel Silverstein

I've recently bumped into a lot of things I used to love when I was younger. Among all the the silly rhyming poems and songs I was taught back then, this is probably the one I remember the most. Always sprinkle pepper in your hair, Always sprinkle pepper in your hair....more

my summer experiences: insects

Did I mention I don't really like the summer weather? I did, didn't I? Above all the sweating, and the constant need of artificial comfort (a.k.a . A/C or air conditioning), insects are the thing I hate the most about summertime. I don't think about that all the time, though. I live in the city and, fortunately, I don't have to put up with them on a daily basis....more


Ladies and gentlemen: I am very pleased to announce that ... ... after lots of struggling with my creative skills and with Photoshop.... ...more
@victorias_view I had absolutely no idea!! Hey, thank you very much for the sweet words! ...more

married life: our three month anniversary!

So it's been three months already. Time flies!  I've heard many times people say marriage would change us. That we would become alienated from some of our friends, distant to each other. That marriage ruins everything and nothing would ever be the same again. I never worried about that, you know. If there is something in this life I'm sure of, it is the truthfulness of our relationship....more

I hate cooking. (there, I said it! Again.)

Do you know what people say about small mistakes having huge consequences? We often eat lunch slowly while talking and watching the news. The thing is, yesterday, when we started clearing the table and walked in the kitchen (the kitchen door had been closed), there was so much smoke we could barely see though it. We had left the pan with cooking oil on a hot burner....more

Flying Ninja Cookie Eaters

These boys took a while to find us. We started feeding them months ago and now they come asking for food every single day. You see, most dogs aren't that obvious when they're hungry: they come to our living room window and make enough noise to make sure we know a) that they're there and b) that it's time for lunch....more

our honeymoon · Copenhagen

As I told you before, we spent our honeymoon in Scandinavia. I said I would write more about it and well... here it is!The only plans we made for our trip were to buy plane tickets and make a reservation for a hotel in Copenhagen, since we were surely going to spend at least three days there and also, because it was going to be the first nights of our honeymoon, we wanted something nice....more

splitscreen love story

So I was thinking about what I could possibly post on a dull Monday like this... And it was then I remembered that I had stumbled on this nice video the other day - cool stuff!...more

wms with lovely tapas

We had a great time yesterday. I enjoyed every minute of what was destined to be a dull Saturday. As I've told you before, I am a winter type of person and when summer arrives, I get a little more bitter than usual (I know I'm weird), especially because we live 350 km away from the nearest beach - not that I love going to the beach, but it is definitely the most effective way of putting up with our Spanish summer....more

success .: the making of :.

You've probably already heard the story of the Mexican fisherman. But in case you haven't, here it is. ...more