Leaving the Past Behind

My parents recently split up. It's shitty, it really is. My mom is not doing well - it's just a mess.My sister and I are gently nudging her in the direction to sell the farm. She doesn't want to. I get it though.. I really do. As much as we would like her to start somewhere new.... without reminders of the painful last year... I 'get' why she doesn't want to sell her lovely, sprawling Ontario farmhouse. At least not just yet....more

Anaphylactic Shock

I cannot get the image out of my head. The image of your tiny, frail body lying in a hospital bed, surrounded by wires and beeping machines and giant scratchy blankets under the grey-green glow of the fluorescent ceiling light....more

When your parents divorce

When your parents divorce it hurts at any age.I just recently found out that my father is going to leave my mom. I am overwrought with emotion. What do you do? What do you say? How do I control my anger, my sadness, my disbelief?...more

When to Fire a Client

Firing a Client. This is a tough one, especially when you work for yourself and you look at all your supportive clients as gifts you want to cling to, keep happy and to go beyond the call of duty to make sure deadlines are surpassed and requirements are dutiful and detailed....more

Promise You a Miracle at Oxfam

Proud Mom of One

I am proud to be the mother of one.I have one, beautiful, smart, funny, compassionate daughter and I wouldn't trade this experience for the world! Oh sure.. there were times when I have second guessed myself. There were times when I wondered if two would make things better. There have been times when I've been shamed by mothers of many that I am doing a grave disservice to my daughter for not providing her with siblings. ...more

I also have "just" one daughter. We wondered the same things and continually came down on the ...more

Adventures During Earth Week

Another year, another earth week. I never go out of my way to do anything "earth-friendly" during this much-hyped day and week. I usually do these anyway, without much thought or motivation -- I just do it. I always have and always will.Lu and I walked in the woods and marveled at the wonder of the arrival of spring; from the tiny, green buds on the trees to the honking geese overhead and the colourful varieties of flowers making their way through the newly warmed earth....more

Of Cancelled Flights, Icelandic Volcanoes and Lonely Souls

It has been a week already. A long and painful week for my dear friend S -- she was supposed to fly to London last Monday to visit a mutual friend of ours - M - who - bravely and willfully - packed her belongings last fall and headed to England to finish her Masters in Art History. M has been so busy since September '09 with lectures, assignments, papers to write, papers to publish and loads of studying that she hasn't had a moment to speak to any of her loved ones left behind....more

Taking the Pain out of Networking

When executed properly, networking should be fairly painless. Unfortunately to many, it is not: it can be time-consuming, irritating, frightening, boring, and sometimes downright painful....more

Happy Easter = Chocolate Indulgence