Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Box cutter in hand, I trudged outside the other day to begin my latest DIY project. It was a glorious day, sun shining brightly, but a little nip in the air, almost fall-like; perfect for taking on the task of refurbishing the old Victorian mirror that I picked up at a junk shop about ten years ago....more

Chicken That Makes Men Propose!

They call it Engagement Chicken and it is allegedly responsible for sending hordes of men off to the diamond store. It comes from the new cookbook created by Glamour Magazine entitled 100 Recipes Every Woman Should Know (Engagement Chicken and 99 Other Fabulous Dishes To Get You Everything You Want in Life). Wow - that's quite the promise! But can they really deliver? I want to run out and buy a Kindle just for recipes. Now that would be the ultimate application for smell-o-vision....more

Making a Silk Purse From a Sow's Ear (or Using Your Old Bedroom Furniture to Create a Pretty Chic Diningroom)

"You can't put my old dresser in the diningroom. It will look ridiculous." That's my daughter telling me that I haven't got a clue. "Watch me....more

Does She or Doesn't She? Only Her Plastic Surgeon Knows For Sure

If you could afford it, would you do it? For me, it's not a real question since money will always be an issue, but let's make believe that you had all the money in the world. Come on, indulge the dream for just a minute and while you're at it, consider that face that greeted you in the bathroom mirror this morning. Puffy? Sad? Exhausted? Wrinkled? All of the above? How about a little botox to smooth out those frown lines?  Maybe a tiny bit of collagen, just enough to flesh out those thinning lips?...more

For Mature Audiences Only

Lovely senior wants to take you to dinner. Who, me? There must be some mistake. I keep getting these misdirected emails with the most ridiculous subject lines: Senior Romance, Senior Speed Dating, Senior Single Vacations, Senior Tours and Cruises. Is this someone's idea of a joke? Think again, Granny, they're meant for you alright, and it's the farthest thing possible from a joke. It's a product of the aging population - those baby boomers rearing their grey and balding heads again, and yes, I'm one of them like it or not....more

Thank You for Your Freakin' Patience and Other Stories of Telephone Induced Madness

Times are tough and companies are doing everything in their power to save the bottom line. But really, is it cost savings or a secret plot to drive us all to the brink of telephone madness? I get it. It's expensive to have all those people in customer service answering  phone calls. So they've come up with a series of tactics to stall, confuse or otherwise aggravate you....more

St. Patrick's Day - The Best Day of The Year

Up until now, I never had to face the issue of aging parents. It's ironic that this year St. Patrick's Day is the first holiday that it's been an issue. A widow with six kids at 32, my mother, a capable and energetic spitfire has served as caretaker, mother, nurse, advisor and the lynch pin of our family. We have had the luxury of countless beautiful  holidays compliments of her and my step-father, but none so important as St. Patrick's Day....more

The 7 Year Itch is Now the 3 Year Itch!

I just learned that the 7 Year Itch has been downgraded to a lightening  fast 3 years. A sad state of affairs, no pun intended. The 7 year itch is a metaphor for life. We have the propensity to move on after a certain period of time.  You can experience that itch for just about anything--your job, your clothes, your car, your house, and yes, even your spouse. But what about our love affair with shoes?...more