Can You "Swallow" This "Pill?"

By now, many of us are awakened to the fact that one, these journeys to Earth are nothing but visits to the most prestigious school in the Universe and two, that one of the main courses is Love 101. Sounds simple enough but at least for me it’s been one of my hardest classes. Through several semesters, I’ve struggled not only with self-love but with loving those who seem to have shown up like the hoodlums from the surrounding rough schools that would start arriving shortly before the bell rang for no other reason than to have fun torturing and abusing those who least expected it. ...more

And the Scare Tactics Begin

From the start I knew there would come a day when I would think to myself, “Do I really want to share this much? Do I really want to put out such personal details?” Whether it would be a blog about how scared I am on a particular day or one with details about what is going on, I knew that day would come, and here it is. What keeps me feeling safe and grounded through it all, is knowing that my Guidance would not have pushed so hard for me to do this if I was going to keep it “pretty and cute" hiding the reality of the journey. What would be the point? ...more

Planting the Seeds of Dis-Ease

This past Wednesday I had a mini meltdown. After a wonderful and uplifting conversation with my Spiritual coach and dear friend Intiana on Tuesday, all it took was one day for this roller coaster ride to take a fast and scary dip. Part of the healing for me is to reach out when in need as that's never been easy, but I did by calling Intiana in tears. We weren't scheduled to speak again for another week and I was so grateful that she was available. ...more

What Would the Neighbors Think?

There is no way I could share all the "happenings" since I got the news. Actually they began months before; August to be exact. But, back to the Now. ...more

This Blog and I Are Under Construction-Stay Tuned :-)

On December 1, 2009 I had an endometrial biopsy. On December 9 I got the call: "It's cancer; stage II" followed just minutes later with, "Oh, yes! The organ must come out! And maybe the ovaries." NOT! :-) Cancer is no longer the "Big C" or a "dirty little secret." Not only have I been guided since that phone call to not travel this journey to healing that way, but I also believe, deep in my heart, that it is nothing but a Divine Opportunity. ...more

Mary ChristMass

On this day, the peak before the Holyday, we wish to remind you of what you are celebrating. Many may feel or are actually alone on these two pivotal days which can be difficult. For this reason we come to re-mind; to bring back to mind, what it is all about. Mary. Mary bore the child Jesus. Mary, the Divine Feminine; the Mother, became the Mother to All. Jesus. Jesus became a Christ. He brought forth the remembrance of the Christ Consciousness; the Consciousness of which All are Connected. He brought the Message and the Light to the Masses. ...more

Happy HolyDays

“Tis the season,” is it not? It is once again that time of year when you are “supposed to” feel a “certain something.” We want you to know if you do not feel that “certain something” it is okay. We say, “Happy HolyDays to you," for all days are indeed Holy. ...more

What a great surprise Christine to have a comment! :)  Thanks for taking the time and YES!  ...more

Today Love Wants You to Know #18

Sometimes it is not easy to “make lemonade” from the “lemons” and out of habit you may choose to focus on what is "bitter" and "sour." You all have the ability to change your focus within seconds and in doing so the Universe changes with you. In choosing to believe there is another way to look at every situation, you open yourselves up to new possibilities. Do not get stuck in what seems to be the negative, but instead get excited about the positive that follows so closely behind. ...more

Walk, Do Not Run

“In order to heal it, you must feel it.” "In order to forgive, you must not deny the pain." "In order to 'let things go' you must first hold them.” It would be much easier to do it all mentally, maybe even verbally. “I choose to be here” “I choose to move on” “I choose to never visit this memory after today.” But you did not “sign up” for this journey to talk your way through it. Your plan was to walk your way through. Each and every road, path, step and wrong turn was a possibility you excitedly mapped out before leaving Home. ...more

Feel Your Way Home

At times, it is thought that in order to Be spiritual, one must be emotionless. In order to reach enlightenment, one must have nothing but pure thoughts. It is in the allowing of all emotions and all thoughts that you awaken your spirit and your soul reaches enLightenment. ...more