Grief is Painful, Grief is Needed

I lost my first family member when I was 7. My grandfather, my favorite person in the world outside my dad, died suddenly from a heart attack. He was young by today's standards being only in his 60's. My entire family was left shell shocked especially my grandmother who became so angry & hurtful that grief left her almost impossible to be around for some of us....more
What a moving and touching article. I really appreciate your guidance and am sorry you have ...more

I Ask if You can Felt Acrylic Yarn and Pay the Price

Last week I went on a crochet bender and whipped up a bunch of stuff I had never really thought of before. I also got curious about whether you could felt acrylic and was really disappointed by the search results. While I quickly caught on to the fact that the answer was more than likely no, the websites I went to were full of the sort of nasty sarcasm that finds itself terribly clever and leaves you wishing you could just find a straight shooter to answer a question.  ...more
This is not entirely true. I found online (I have not tried it YET) how to "felt" acrylic yarn, ...more

Your Soul Needs Juice!

Thanks. I needed that poster1more

Song for a Saboteur

We all have Saboteur's inside us, the little voices inside us that stop us from moving forward, from moving up, from shining. It's for our own good, for our protection, or at least that is what they say. One of mine is a young girl and I have sent off on her way with a heartfelt thank you and her own special song. What she stands in the way of is me, moving beyond being a shy, nervous kid who was often teased, tortured and picked on until the fear of that left me paralyzed in many ways....more

Celebrate the 4th with an Ice Cream Sundae Bar

Per Merriam-Webster, a sundae is ice cream served with topping (as crushed fruit, syrup, nuts, or whipped cream) and the first known use of the word was 1897. We've come a long way from ancient Rome when snow was mixed with honey, and from Victorian England when flavored ices were a regular part of the Upper Crust's dessert array. Today the variety of flavors available would blow old Nero's mind and the Victorians would no doubt tremble in horror at the idea of partaking in Foie Gras, bacon, licorice or Whale. No, I'm not making that last one up......more

Creativity Bursts Forth: Using Creativity to find my way

I don't know what I want to be when I grow up.I know I don't want to be a doctor, a lawyer or a candlestick maker....more

Thank you so much! The blog has really take a shape that I never anticipated, so I am happy ...more

Measuring Blackness: You Can't, So Don't Try

I have a little secret for you: there is no way to measure whether or not you are ‘good’ at your ethnicity, though there are many who might like to believe otherwise. And if there was, I am pretty sure you are not qualified to determine mine....more

Empowering kids to eat healthy

Its vital that children be trusted to make smart food choices. This is not always easy to do when surrounded by trusted adults who seem incapable of eating right. Unlike most of the kids I knew, we ate breakfast, lunch and dinner with balance. At dinner, there was always meat, veg & carb, as well as salad. What tripped me up and caused my weight gain as a child was my parents’ lack of attention to what I might be eating when not at home. ...more

Setting a Romantic Mood

Lucky me, my newest article is all about the seeting  the mood for romance! What I love about this is that all the tips are perfectly usable beyond Valentine's day! Love and romance don't always pick a date and time, sometimes you have to roll with what is happening. I truly hope you find these tips useful. ...more