Spilling Guts

Because close-ups of spilling guts are so intensely interesting; doesn't everything up close look mysterious and complicated?  Yes, even when it's not always a good thing....more

Turkey Day Came and Went (and we still have pie)

Phew. *wipes forehead.It came and went. These last 7 days including turkey day aka Thanksgiving have felt like a marathon- and I didn't stop running until today.  I went back to work and have some kid-procured sniffles (despite washing my hands 30+ times a day!) to boot.  Turkey day aka Thanksgiving breezed by, and included our two hour jaunt to see family and eat.  And eat. Then eat some more.  In fact, we may or may not still be eating leftovers from last Thursday- namely, pumpkin pie. Punk'n pie.  Still....more

Organic Tryouts: Yobaby Organic Yogurt

Organic Tryouts: YoBaby Yogurt by Stonyfield - Blueberry yogurt.  And this time we've got two taste-testers: Myself and Bambina.  More her than me, since I'm still on my weekday vegan attempts to limit my dairy and it's sinus-allergy-hellish side effects.  Don't worry, I still love cheese.  Munster and Colby and Mozzarella, oh yes.  I digress......more

Travel: Simplifying Without Wasting

It's like a mini-product purge (sort of) like I did here, or maybe we could call it just being more efficient. Efficiently simplifying! See, we end up with a bunch of product samples -- mostly freebies that were included as special offers, or free with a coupon deal. And sample-sizes are perfect sizes for purse necessities or diaper bag needs, and finally, of course, small sizes for travel....more
Use. Very handy.more

Louie, Louie (a Green Salad Recipe with Kale)

"Louie, Louie""Oh yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah..."(from youtube.com)...more

Halloween; Better Late Than...

It's taken me almost a full week to recover from all that is Halloween (and work events, and emails, and voicemails...).  But prepare to be photobombed real quick here in a few.  I don't normally entertain with lots of photos of my family and kids- or at least not too many for various reasons.  I worked really hard on the Bowser costume, and then celebrated at how easy a mini-Princess Peach costume worked out.  Because I was so super duper behind on my costume-diy-timeline, both my and Jay's Mario and Luigi costumes were store bought.  That's it; my disclaimer....more

Honey, Get Vegan

I've been attempting plenty of vegan recipes over the last few months, after a good year on being obsessed with macrobiotic diet. Even after moving onto greener pastures, I luckily kept up with serving brown rice- a macro staple- even concocting my own mix like this one to keep the rest of my family happy....more

Finding Fun Around the House

After reading HelloBee.com's post yesterday here about using items around the house that baby/toddler can play with- I was thinking about things lying around my house.  With my first baby, I went way, way overboard with all the giant Little Tikes (irony, it is) slides, art easels, ride-on toys, etc.  Big, space-hoarding, plastic things in primary colors were all around our house collecting dust half the time (and the dogs loves c...more

Bugs and Bok Choy (Not Together, Obvs)

I'll start with the bugs.  First bug: some sort of mysterious stomach bug that showed up at daycare.  I was exposed, and contrary to all my continuous hand washing, I caught it.  I literally cannot remember the last time I had tummy troubles, but this was horrible, and it was from a one-year old!  I survived the bug, and spent the weekend bumming around as much as I could (hello New Super Mario Bros. Wii)....more

Eating Organic Every Day

That's me, always saying "eat some green!" at Sillyboy, and Jay.  My husband used to call it "rabbit food" when I'd put together the same exact salad every. single. meal, but I've tried to change up the 'accessories' with our current go-to salads.  I'm trying to get us to not just eat something green (it's a great start!), but to eat something organic every day, too.  How do we do that on hectic-super-work/daycare pickup/soccer practice/after school pickup days?  Little steps....more