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Working on this blog has been a labour of love, literally. It began as Luv What U Wear, it became Lefthandstyle and now three years letter I’m ending it and I have never been happier! Woo Whoo!!! ...more

Fashion Show Friday: The Ukraine

The BBC covered this fashion show for people with disabilities in the Ukraine. Unlike here in the U.S. the Ukraine still has a large number of physical barriers that make traveling in a wheelchair very difficult. In addition, there are also many mental barriers ....more

Fashion Show: Russia

Here is another fashion show, this one was filmed in Russia about a year ago. You Tube is a gold mine for these types of videos, thanks YT! Anywho, I’m inspired every time I find a new video, I’ve been watching this industry for 20 years and this is the most consistent activity I’ve seen ....more

Laurie B Style: Guest Post

The incomparable Laurie B Style has been so kind to post a follow up post to my October style segment on CBS TV here in Los Angeles. Laurie and I met while training with Stacy London and the Style for Hire Style Network. When we met I was still living on the East Coast so it was really great to reconnect ....more

Fashion Show: India

In Ahmedabad, India, Gujarat...more

Sweatshirt Comeback

Ok, I’m not a usually a sweatshirt fan, partly because I have narrow shoulders and if I don’t purchase a children’s ...more

The Truly Scary…

Today is Hallows Eve, it the day I like to reflect on the truly frightening… I’m not spooked by ghosts and goblins, but there is one thing that petrifies me, it’s being tricked into choosing fear over faith. Living a life filled with debilitating fear is not living at all, it’s merely existing, surviving and like Solomon Northup,...more

Adelle Regins Supreme

It’s a quiet Saturday morning and I’ve just walked into a modest two-seat shop in a hairstyling complex on Pico Blvd. in West LA. I’m greeted with a gentle, sincere smile and authentic hello by unassuming albeit stylish natural hair stylist, Carol ....more

Modelle & Rotelle

Modelle & Rotelle was produced by the Vertical Foundation earlier this year in Rome, Italy. I found this show via Tamara Mena’s ...more