Mad About Maps

Is it just me, or has anyone else noticed that maps - the geographic kind, that is - are the new Miranda Kerr of the interior design world? Much like the aforementioned fashion icon, they seem to be everywhere I turn! From home mags to design blogs, it appears this age-old document has claimed a newfound status in the modern home....more

Outside the Square: Shadow Boxes with a Twist

Outside the Square: Shadow Boxes with a Twist The first time I came across shadow boxes was a few years back while visiting a favourite homewares haunt of mine.  I scoured the net for some afterwards but didn't have much luck; they seemed to only be available for commercial fit-outs....more

DIY Decorative Lantern

DIY Decorative Lantern Today's DIY was inspired by a range of decorative lanterns put out by Danish furniture and homewares outfit House Doctor.  ...more
I love that! I might have to make one for my desk :)more

Tea Towel Art

Tea Towel Art Are you tired of coveting artworks you know you'll never be able to afford? I am. Darn tired! But I refuse to accept that only the walls of the wealthy should be adorned with the works of the artistic elite!...more