The Choice of Israel

There is something you need to understand. I, along with many other Israelis, am disturbed by the loss of so many innocent Palestinian lives. The situation is not a simple one, and the rules of war are not so easy to follow when one side purposely chooses to endanger its own population. In an ideal war, if one can say such a thing, armies would battle other armies, and do their utmost to ensure that civilians are not in harm's way. ...more

Greetings from Israel...

My name is Liza, and I'm originally from the US. I've been living here for nearly 17 years, married to an Israeli and mom to a four year-old boy. I work as a technical writer and a freelance writer (and am actively trying to create a satisifying balance between the two), and in my spare time, I can be found blogging at something something, the blog I started just over three years ago. ...more

Honestly, I had to comment to you on your page! The whole Israeli title drew me in.....I'm ...more