Fish, cabbage and Swiss grilled cheese sandwich

All along the East Coast from Maine to Florida, you'll find fried fish sandwiches -- made with local white fish like cod or flounder, halibut or haddock -- on every diner menu. You can always order a grilled cheese sandwich...more

Shrimp and chicken (or turkey) fried brown rice

When my husband Ted and I first began dating, oh-so-many years ago, we spent almost every Friday night at Chan's Garden in Dunellen,...more

The Perfect Pantry's Thanksgiving Favorites: salads, slaws, and green vegetables

Many years ago, my husband Ted and I participated in a potluck Thanksgiving dinner. Being from out of town, we were asked to bring something easy, carrots and celery for a dip. However, when we arrived, we realized that our celery was the only bit of green on the entire holiday table ....more

Cookbooks in the Pantry: Julia Child & Company

Julia Child & Company, by Julia Child (1978) Why I've kept it:...more

The Perfect Pantry's Thanksgiving Favorites: little muffins recipes

For as long as I can remember, I've been a muffin fan. I love that you don't have to share a muffin. I love that you can eat all of the bottom first, and save the top (the best part) for last....more

The Perfect Pantry's Thanksgiving Favorites: butternut squash recipes

Can you imagine Thanksgiving without butternut squash on the table? Perhaps because it's creamy, and perhaps because it's orange, butternut squash always finds its way onto my holiday menu, whether as a vegetarian main dish, a side dish, in soup or salad, or in pie. As you put the finishing touches on your own holiday menu, consider some of these favorites from The Perfect Pantry's kitchen ....more

Alsatian sausage, cabbage and noodle pan supper

When you think of the traditional foods of the Alsace-Lorraine region of northeast France, on the border with Germany, you think of quiche Lorraine, of course, and cabbage, and sausages and mustard. And thick, chewy, buttery egg noodles. Comfort food to the max ....more

Healthy low-carb chicken parmigiana rolls

Chicken parm without breadcrumbs, without egg, without oil or butter, without sacrificing any of the flavor: seems too good to be true, doesn't it? And yet, here it is. A few kitchen tricks make this healthier version of chicken parmigiana...more