Cheesy broccoli brown rice

Every parent fantasizes about the perfect vegetable dish, the one children will adore and eat without protest ...more

Ted's lemon-dill turkey meatballs

My husband Ted, who doesn't eat pickles, supports my habit by biking to the farmers market every week to buy a big bag of cucumbers and a bunch of fresh dill. I whack off the top four or five inches of the dill fronds and layer them in a container with the cucumbers. Then, I wrap the rest of the dill in a plastic bag, and often forget about it until it withers and turns googly ....more

Sausage and potato skillet supper

Comfort food, plain and simple. Even though this skillet supper of turkey sausage, potatoes, mushrooms and peppers might look like...more

Quick and easy pickled cabbage for tacos and wraps

The summer of 2016 might go down as the hottest summer on record, but in my kitchen, it will be known forever as The Summer of Pickles. If I laid all of the dill pickles I've made end-to-end, they'd probably reach all the way down the block! Alas, I can't do that, because I've eaten every one of them....more

Tomatoes: our favorite end-of-the-season recipes

Here in Boston, tomato season passes in the blink of an eye. For a few weeks in August and early September, we overdose on...more

Sandra's Thai chicken satay skewers

My cousin Sandra deserves...more

Light and easy sliced cucumber salad

If there were a contest for the world's greatest...more

Salmon, corn and potato chowder

Does this ever happen to you? You assemble all of the ingredients for a particular recipe on your countertop, but somehow, you end up cooking...more

Grilled green beans with spicy peanut-harissa sauce

To be honest, I'm not crazy about green beans, at least not when they're overcooked, mushy and limp. However, this is the summer of "if it's green, I'm grilling it," so it seemed only fair that I test out green beans on the grill last week. Who knew that...more