BLT appetizer skewers with wasabi mayo dipping sauce

For someone who suffers from appetizer anxiety like I do, these little bacon, lettuce and tomato skewers couldn't be easier. The only cooking is the bacon, and you actually have to undercook it to be able to thread it onto the skewers. And, who doesn't love a good BLT? ...more

No-bake pesto cheese phyllo bites

Some people create beautiful appetizers...more

Shrimp lo mein noodles

One of my all-time favorite Chinese restaurant take-out recipes, shrimp lo mein finally gets the photo update it deserves. I first shared this recipe in 2008, in an ingredient post about oyster sauce, and I...more

Bacon and broccoli risotto, pressure cooker or stovetop

FACT: Bacon makes everything better. It doesn't take much bacon to perk up any recipe, especially something as fundamentally bland as rice. And kids are more likely to eat a bowl of...more

Spicy salsa tomato soup

The calendar tells me that soup season has arrived, but even without the calendar, I feel it in my bones. Cooler temperatures, dry air, a few leaves changing color here and there: it all spells soup. After the humid heat of summer, I'm finally willing to turn the stove on again....more

Cookbooks in the Pantry: A Taste of Old Cuba

If you've been reading The Perfect Pantry for the past couple of years, you know about The Downsizing. When my husband Ted and I moved from the log house in Rhode Island to a small apartment in Boston's South End, we consolidated...more

Shrimp and artichoke pasta salad with lemon poppy seed dressing

Why do the words pasta salad strike fear in the hearts of...more

Tex-Mex chicken and black bean flatbread pizza

From my living room window, I have an unimpeded view of one of the best pizzerias in Boston. In the early mornings, before the neighborhood is fully awake, I watch...more