An altar of my own

The lethal toilet seat

(This post pulled from the pregnancy chronicles.)I swear public bathrooms are going to be the death of me....more

Remembering Joan Purvis

I first met my mother-in-law on paper.I was in a hospital in Colorado having just broken my back. She and Dean's father, Ed, sent me a care package. I remember there was a teddy bear and a lovely card, written in her hand. I don't remember now what it said except that she closed by saying, "We love you."...more

Message from Guan Yin: A poem for comfort

In the spring of 2002, my theater company mounted a new play called Red Thread. In it, I played the Goddess, Guan Yin (aka Kwan Yin). It was the last production I did on my feet and, in fact, the last production I did with my company. I was injured a few months later....more

My mother reflects her daughter's light

My last quarter in college, I was notified that I'd be graduating Cum Laude, and I was invited to attend, with my special people, the honors convocation the night before graduation. I didn't want to go.When I told my parents I didn't plan to attend, one tried to be sympathetic and understanding (probably my mother) and the other said, "What do you mean you're not going. Of course you're going."...more

Lessons from a cheesecake

My turkey had to go back into the oven three times before it was finally done. Thank God for my ...more

Remembering Ron Brown

When I was in sixth grade, I had a Social Studies teacher named Ron Brown. He was, hands down, the best teacher I ever had.He was that rare and effective combination of highly engaging educator, firm and fair disciplinarian, and accessible, genuinely caring friend. I, and I'm sure most of my classmates, adored him....more

Stand Clear -- Rampage in progress

Look. Out. And get out of the way.I've been on a rampage. The best possible kind -- shedding, organizing, cleaning up the disaster zone we've been generously calling our home.Although the place is technically pretty clean thanks to help twice a week, it's been a total shambles at least since Aidan was born and maybe even before. (Was there "before?") Stuff. Loads and loads of stuff. Piled EVERYWHERE. I haven't seen my dining room table for OVER A YEAR. Well, a couple of weeks ago, I hit my limit and thus began the rampage....more

A delicious, decidedly NOT quiet Sunday

When Dean and I got married, my friend, Andy, gave us a truly unique gift. It was a small, wooden box, filled with about two dozen, individually wrapped little treasures, each with a blessing, prompt, or timely reminder and a little trinket. She told us to pull one out whenever we needed a bit of inspiration or a little treat for the heart.I absolutely loved this gift. Not only was it clever and unique, but it felt like receiving a piece of Andy's heart. Like love in a box, that we could go to time and again, whenever we wanted. Brilliant....more

Respecting death

When I was in my twenties, I used to like to hang out in cemeteries. Especially old,very old cemeteries. I'd take walks through them, or sit on a stone bench and eat lunch. Sometimes I'd write in my journal. Or, I'd just sit....more