Mothers, Uniqueness, and Sexual Freedom

A feminist: a woman who burns her satin bras and eats men for breakfast. A feminist: a raging liberal that protests for her rights. A feminist: a person who believes in equality between the sexes. Each of these stereotypes filled my head as I headed towards my first day of “Women’s Literature.” Over the course of the semester —filled with reading a great deal of novels, poetry, and short stories— I have finally realized what being a feminist means. Each written work I am studying  continually teaches me about the stereotypical female and her role in society....more

Goals As A Writer: 5-10 Years in the Future

For one of my final assignments in my Theory of Creative Writing Class, I was asked to write out a list of goals I would like to achieve within the next five years. It’s a daunting task — I barely know what I am going to eat for my next meal, and yet I should have my life planned out for the next five to ten years. Anywho, I have an idea of where I  would like to end up, and how I started as a “writer” ( When does one become a writer? I struggled with the title Chef  when I was in Culinary School....more