Tips for Emerging Speakers

 I’m frequently asked for tips on how to delve into the world of public speaking.  Here are a few ideas for those interested…First and foremost, know yourself, know your voice, know your audience. Answering the following questions should help:...more

Married to the Mundane?

Isn't life so often mundane?Things we have to do every day, rain or shine, feeling like it or not.  Like brushing teeth, commuting, sitting in meetings, watering plants, doing tasks at home and work that are necessary, but not at all isn't that the way we picture our futures?  Find a dream job, dream spouse, dream boss, all stirring us to the core and enlivening our hearts every day all the time.  Yes, that's the ticket!...more

The Lies Single Women Believe

 Lies cloaked in popular beliefs are hard to recognize as lies.  Media messages say love, sex, and romance are the ultimate high, while applauding a lifestyle of casual sex and living together that often destroys intimacy and fulfillment.Recognizing the lies is a first step in walking in truth — truth that sets us free to experience true love, in healthy ways, along the pathway to lasting fulfillment. ...more